You may have read in lifestyle magazines about the demise in favour of the open plan style for living spaces. Only last month The Sunday Times carried a full feature on how people are struggling to come to terms with the long-term impact of turning their kitchen, living and dining rooms into one wide open living area.

The problems do not arise until a family has lived in an open plan space for some years. At first the design suits everyone, but as children get older, and parents mature there is a need for private spaces that open plan does not afford. If you are facing this problem then Vufold may just have the answer with our new Inspire range.

Inspire is a totally new and unique concept in internal folding doors and room dividers. It offers simplicity, flexibility and impressive good looks which simply aren't available from any other manufacturer or product of this type. Doors and frames are an engineered wood construction for additional stability and the top to bottom glass allows light to flood between your rooms when closed.

For lovers of open space that may want to close out noise, aromas or distractions from other parts of the home Inspire offers the best of both worlds; as you can easily divide a room and still have the open living space when you desire. With the addition of our attractive fitted blinds the almost floor to ceiling glass room dividers can create the feeling of walls that fashion extra living spaces. When opened and pulled back they return the room to the original spacious feel.

Inspire room dividers come in Eight foot sets and are priced to make style and comfort affordable. To see the very latest in room dividers click on the link here. Vufold Inspire folding room dividers