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Internal Bifold Doors

Internal Bifold Doors

A popular way to give rooms more natural light, space and flexibility, internal bifold doors can easily change your home from an open plan area ideal for entertaining to a cosy intimate space for a night in front of the television.

They are available in a choice of finishes, door configurations, hardware and glazing options to suit any project.

Finishes - White, Oak and Black
Glazing - Clear Glass and Frosted Glass
Guarantee - 15 Years
Threshold - Tracked and trackless

All Vufold internal bifold doors are supplied as ready-to-assemble sets with every component prepared in our factory, so they’re easier to put together.

Oak Internal bifold doors

Black Internal bifold doors

Internal Bifold FAQ's

  • What are internal bifold doors?

    Internal bifold doors consist of 2 or up to a maximum of 6 doors depending on the width of your opening.

    The doors are linked with specialist hardware which allows them to slide and fold together like a concertina, hence they are sometimes called folding doors or concertina doors.

  • Why choose internal bifold doors?

    Interior folding doors are a fantastic way to get the most from your home. You can effortlessly switch between open plan and closed plan living, getting the best of both worlds.

    • Make spaces appear larger – Small areas won’t feel as restrictive with an open floor plan layout.
    • Spread natural sunlight – Fewer walls means more light in even the darkest of rooms.
    • Room for entertaining guests – Easier to socialise without splitting into separate rooms.
    • Private spaces – Sometimes you need some time to yourself, walls and doors are great for that.
    • Reduced heating costs – Small spaces are much quicker and easier to heat up.
    • Noise transfer – Closed doors help prevent noise travelling around your home.

    The resale value of your home can be increased by fitting high quality internal folding sliding doors as buyers can appreciate the extra flexibility and light they offer. More benefits can be found in our advice centre.

  • Where can they be used?

    Bi fold doors can be used in a wide range of areas within the home, the most popular being a room divider is between a living room and a conservatory or a dining room with either a kitchen/living room.

    They can also be used between living areas and other rooms such as home offices, children’s play rooms, craft rooms, music rooms and even porches.

  • Whats a ready to assemble door set?

    Our internal bifolds are supplied as a complete package. In other words, they come with everything you need pre-machined and ready to assemble – including essential items such as hinges, tracks, hardware, ironmongery, glazing, fixings and seals.

    That means once your bifold doors are installed, you can be sure of having a fully engineered unit with all aspects of the design and components extensively tested by us for perfect operation. Find out more about our ready-to-assemble door sets.

  • Why should I choose a ready to assemble door set?

    You might find similar looking, cheaper door sets but they don’t include all the items you need – whereas our ready-to-assemble sets offer you many advantages:

    • Comprehensive fitting instructions included.
    • Consistent high quality, so every part fits as it should.
    • If you’re a competent DIYer you may not need a specialist fitter.
    • Quicker installation on-site, reducing time and cost.
    • No specialist equipment needed as everything's fully machined.
    • No need to waste time and money sourcing fixing.
    • No delays and frustration while you source essential components from different suppliers.

    For true peace of mind you need a Vufold Door Set - every supplied component has been thoroughly tested and approved. That's why we guarantee all our internal bifold sets for 15 years.

  • Can internal bifold doors be fitted without a track?

    Top Hung Internal bifold doors do not need a bottom guide to operate. This allows for seamless flooring between the rooms, further enhancing the feeling it is one large space when the doors are open.

    You can find out more in our bifold door track guide.

  • How much do internal bifold doors cost?

    The cost of an internal bifolding door will vary depending on the

    • Overall Width
    • Material used in construction
    • Finish required eg. Fully finished, White Primed, Unfinished
    • Number of doors

    In 2023 an example of a very popular size, material and finish would our:

    Finesse Oak Veneer unfinished 1.8m 3 door

    Prices start at £1179 including VAT and delivery.

  • Do internal bifold doors need planning permission?

    Most homes in the UK will not need planning permission to install interior bifold doors with the exception of listed buildings which will likely need planning permission, therefore please check.

  • How to paint and finish internal bifold doors

    • Locate in a clean and dry room
    • Remove any dust from the surface areas using a micro-fibre or tack cloth
    • Ensure the surface area is smooth and clean
    • Apply a low tack masking tape around the edges of the glass if you have chosen glazed panels
    • Lay the door(s) / frame flat on a raised surface
    • Use a good quality clean brush, evenly apply 1 coat of chosen finish to all faces and edges of the door(s) and frame
    • Allow the finish to fully dry
    • Lightly rub down (denib) between coats
    • Repeat the finishing process until you have applied 3 coats, ensuring the door(s) and frame are fully sealed and well protected
    • Remove the masking tape from around the glass
  • What type of finish can I use?

    Vufolds high quality unfinished internal bi fold doors can easily be painted, stained or varnished (Polyurethane).

    We do not recommend using a wax or oil as this can cause various issues with the wood and will invalidate your warranty.

    Once you have decided what type of finish you prefer you then need to consider the durability and sheen level of the finish.

    The most popular choices are:

    • Gloss (semi/full) - Is a very durable finish, it also reflects the light when dry resulting in a mid to high sheen.
    • Matt - If you're looking for something more natural, these finishes deliver a smooth subtle look and show little to no sheen when dry as they absorb the light.
    • Satin - Has some of the durability of gloss combined with low to mid sheen levels of matt, it's a great all-rounder.


    Vufold recommends the use of Dulux, Sadolin and Sikkens products for our range of Oak veneer internal bi fold doors.

  • Natural or synthetic paintbrush?

    Using the correct type of paint brush for the product you are using is essential.

    Synthetic - paint brushes do not absorb much water and have finer tips which help give a smoother finish making them the best option when using water based products.

    Natural – paint brushes are the superior option when using oil based products, the bristles absorb the product resulting in faster finishing.

  • How to measure up for internal bi fold doors

    Before ordering an Internal bi fold door, you will need to measure the opening accurately. This can be done by following these four easy steps:

    1. Measure the width in the three separate places (top, middle, bottom).
    2. Measure the height from the top to bottom at three different points (right, centre, left).
    3. Subtract 5 - 10mm from the smallest measurements.
    4. Check the aperture is square by measuring the diagonals from corner to corner.
      *Subtraction 5 - 10mm from the smallest measurements will allow you to ensure the frame can be installed perfectly square and level even if the aperture is slightly out of square.
  • How to fit an internal bifold door

    The installation of a ready-to-assemble internal bi fold door is a fairly simple process, any knowledgeable DIYer can install their own internal bifolding doors.

    While each range and size of bi folds has its own set of specific instructions, the basic installation steps are very similar:

    1. Frame Assembly

      The bifold door tracks are pre fitted to the head and sill and fixing holes are piloted in the respective frame parts. Lay out all 4 pieces on the floor or work horses in the correct locations, using the supplied screws (usually 12) assemble the frame into a square - ensure everything lines up nicely before final tightening.

    2. Frame Installation into the opening

      It is vitally important that you install the frame square and level in the opening this will ensure that your doors operate smoothly and correctly. It's worth spending a bit of extra time to ensure they are spot on. Use packers and the supplied drill bits and direct frame fixings to attach the frame into the opening. Ensure you use all the recommended fixing points which can be found in the specific product instructions.

    3. Attach the Internal bifold door hardware to the frame and doors

      Your instruction manual will specify the specific location of the bifold door hardware on the frame and also the doors. The location of these parts will be dependent on the number of doors and also which opening direction you have chosen for the doors

      Items that will need fitting are:

        1. Dropbolts
        2. Top and bottom pivots
        3. Half offset hinges
        4. Intermediate carrier, guide and straight hinge.
        5. Seals
        6. Tubular mortice latch, striker plate and door handle

      All hardware installation locations are fully pre machined, they are also pre-drilled or clearly indicated so that installation is easy and straightforward.

    4. Install the door into the frame

      Now that all the hardware is in place the first door can be attached to the frame then subsequent doors added until all the doors are secured in the frame. Again follow your specific product instructions to attach the door in the correct order

    5. Final Adjustment

      Once the doors are in the frame they may need a final adjustment to ensure they are working smoothly as intended. Vufold has designed their doors to ensure any adjustments are as easy as possible. Unlike standard bifold doors, Vufold RTA doors feature easy to adjust internal bi fold door hardware which requires very basic tools.

      To adjust the doors to the left or right:

      1. Ensure the doors fully open
      2. Locate the top and bottom pivot hinge adjustment screws (see instructions)
      3. Use a screwdriver to adjust until satisfied

      To adjust the height:

      1. Depending on the range you may need to adjust the bottom pivot with a screwdriver and spanner (provided) or the top pivot and intermediate carrier using an allen key (provided). Turn clockwise to raise the door height and anti-clockwise to reduce.

    Go to our internal door installation advice section for further details.

  • Whats the difference between our internal bi-fold ranges?

    Vufold offer two different styles of Internal Bi-fold door.

    Finesse and Edge - Bifold Door

    These are a standard style internal bi-fold door, you get a single traffic door that can be opened on its own. When you open all the doors they generally all slide and fold to one end with the doors protruding at 90 degrees to the track.

    Inspire - Foldflat Bifold Door

    With the Inspire range you still get a traffic door that can be opened independently of the others but when the doors open fully they can be folded back 180 degrees against the wall watch are short video below to see how they work.

  • What handles are available for Internal doors?

    There generally four types od door handles which suit internal bifolds:

    • Lever handles
    • Flush handles
    • Door Knobs
    • Pull handle

    Why not read our internal bifold handles guide which makes your selecting decision much easier and gives a helping hand on where to position them.

  • Why choose timber for internal doors?

    Timber is the most common material for internal doors and provides great value, style and quality. uPVC often looks cheap in homes and aluminium is generally best suited for external bifolds. Read our timber vs uPVC vs aluminium comparison for internal doors for more details.

  • What’s the difference between pre-finished and unfinished oak?

    A pre-finished door comes fully prepared and completely ready to be installed, saving time and effort. Whereas unfinished doors come without any finish and will require you to finish them yourself, offering great customisation.

    Not sure which one you should choose? Read our prefinished vs unfinished oak bifold guide to help make your decision.


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