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Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

If you're looking for uninterrupted garden views to truly blur the lines between your inside and outside spaces sliding patio doors are the best option. Sliding doors offer much wider doors than either bifolds or French doors allowing more light into your home.

However it is important to know not all sliding patio doors are equal; it is very easy to be confused by all the choices available in the UK. All of our sliding patio doors are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory and use the best quality aluminium, superior hardware and advanced engineering to make them operate with ease for years to come. They are all backed by a 15 year guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Aluminium sliding patio doors

Sliding patio door FAQ's

  • What are sliding patio doors?

    Sliding patio doors consist of two or three doors that slide horizontally on a track. They give fantastic views of your outdoor space and add copious amounts of light into your home due to the very large glass areas that are achievable.

  • Where can sliding patio doors be used?

    Increase Natural light – dimly lit large and small living spaces can have their general atmosphere totally transformed by replacing areas of solid wall with bifold door systems.
    Increases the feeling of space – Even with a small garden the fact you can visually see beyond the rear of the house really increases that feeling of space within. Even small rooms can benefit massively from this.
    Blur Boundaries – create seem-less areas between the inside and outside when the doors are open, perfect for those larger special occasions.
    Energy efficient – modern bifold doors easily outperform old style patio doors when it comes to thermal efficiency saving you money on heating bills.
    Secure – most bifold doors feature multi point locks on the access door along with shoot bolts on other doors making them very secure.
    Quick and easy to install – bifold doors are quick and easy to install typically 1 day is more than enough.
    Easy operation – High quality bifold door hardware is very easy to use, sliding and folding open and closed in seconds.
    Add value/saleability – Installing bifold doors in your home improves the appeal to potential purchasers and can even increase the value of your home. While at the same time giving you all of the above benefits.

  • Why choose them?

    Sliding patio doors have extra-large glass areas with minimum frames to give you uninterrupted views, daylight and easy access to the outside. Therefore if your garden view is the most important reason for adding new doors this is the best solution for you. Another advantage of these types of doors is they save space because there are no hinged doors protruding on the outside or inside.

  • Do sliding patio doors need planning permission?

    Normally you do not need planning permission to fit sliding patio doors to an existing opening to the rear of your home. Permitted development rights usually covers you if you are planning to create a new opening or enlarging an existing opening. For those creating new openings or enlarging existing openings you should also be covered under permitted development rights. However we do advice you to contact your local authority before undergoing any work. If you live in a listed building, conservation area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) then you will need planning permission from the local authority before undertaking any renovations.

  • What is a lift and slide sliding door?

    Lift and Slide refers to a specialist type of operating system for sliding patio doors. As you turn the access door handle through 180 degrees the door is lifted onto engineered rollers, once this is done you can then easily slide the door open. Hence the lift and slide terminology. Lift and slide hardware is essential on large patio doors to make them easy to operate. Due to the lifting and lowering of the doors on the track weather performance and thermal efficiency and security is also vastly improved compared to ‘old style’ sliding doors.

  • What is an inline slider?

    Inline sliding doors differ from ‘Lift and Slide’ patio doors by the way they operate, you may think of them as traditional sliding doors. Inline doors sit in their frame and are held in place at the top and bottom where they simply slide from one side to the other to open and close. The rollers are in constant contact with the bottom track and use the weight of the doors to slide them open and closed.

  • Lift and slide v inline slider - which is best?

    On appearance, the profiles, sightlines of the two types of sliding patio doors look very similar and are difficult to tell them apart. The benefits of ‘lift and slide’ doors are:

    • In the raised position the friction on the door track is vastly reduced.
    • When the lift and slide doors are closed they sit directly onto the track.
    • Easy to move into you preferred position.
    • Once you have opened your lift and slide doors into your desired position they can be locked in that position.
    • Unlike inline doors which use their weight to move them, lift and slide doors lift the door panel onto its rollers, making them easier to manoeuvre.
    • Better weather protection due to the doors dropping onto the track giving them a better seal.
  • How much do they cost?

    Our premium sliding patio doors start at £2,739 for a standard sized 2.4m wide by 2.1m high. Delivery charges apply to Sliding patio doors over 3m.

  • What door configurations are there?

    Our sliding patio doors are available in standard sizes from 2.4m up to 6m with several options:

    • Colours (anthracite grey, white, black or dual grey/white)
    • Opening options include left or right or double opening.
    • Choice of two types of handles.
    • With or without a nose cill.

    We also offer made-to-measure sliding patio doors with many colour choices and sizes to suit every possible need.

  • What is the thermal performance of sliding patio doors?

    This varies depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the aluminium used. One factor that makes the doors thermally efficient are the aluminium frames which tend to comprise a polyamide thermal break. This thermal break insulates the usual cold aluminium profile, thus creating a thermal bridge. To determine the thermal efficiency you need to check the U value of the complete door set and not just the centre window pane. Our sliding patio doors all come with an incredibly low U Value of just 1.6 W/m2K, please note the lower the U value the better.

  • How secure are sliding patio doors?

    Our doors use a multi-point locking mechanism and are tested to PAS 24-2012 for enhanced security meaning they will meet current building regulations and keep you safe from intruders.

  • Should I choose a sliding door or a bifold door?

    One reason for choosing sliding patio doors over bifold doors is the size of your structural opening, the bigger the opening the better it is to use sliding doors because they can accommodate larger openings. Sliding patio doors give you the perfect picture frame affect because they offer largest glass walls with minimum frames, whereas bifold doors have more sightlines on view. Sliding doors can only be opened up to the size of one door panel whereas bifold doors can be fully opened to the left or right of the available space.


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