Vufold help customer who was turned down by others

Graeme Baillie

We often come across customers who have had a less than ideal experience with other bi-fold suppliers, generally because their job demands a more bespoke approach than many companies are prepared to offer. We love being able to provide solutions in these situations, even more so when the customer gets back to us with great feedback!

Graeme Baillie purchased a set of 3m Finesse Oak internal bifold doors from us to replace old aluminium sliding doors. The oak replacements were to be fitted between the existing property and a new extension in Graeme’s rural detached home, with the intention of creating a draught sealed space that could still be opened up when required.

3m Finesse Oak Door Set 3m Finesse Oak Door Set
3m Finesse Oak Door Set 3m Finesse Oak Door Set

This was the final stage of Graeme’s refurbishment and he had experienced problems sourcing the doors from other suppliers, with several firms turning down the job. When he got in touch with us, we were more than happy to take on the project and we were able to supply him with the perfect doors to complete his extension. As a result, Graeme was very complimentary about his experience purchasing the doors from us:

“Very efficient, great delivery, arriving when planned. Product was all as expected with clear instructions. Can’t fault the company”.

Even more importantly he was very happy with his new doors:

“Best product around with draught seals prefabricated to make site fitting easy.”

3m Finesse Oak Door Set 3m Finesse Oak Door Set
3m Finesse Oak Door Set 3m Finesse Oak Door Set

In addition to the full five-star rating he gave us in our customer survey, when asked if he would recommend us to other customers, Graeme kindly said: 

“Definitely. Can’t fault the products, excellent service and Vufold sent me extra details when requested.”

Thanks Graeme, we are so pleased that we could help provide a solution for you.