Internal bifold helps brighten up this customers home

Francis and Michelle | Liverpool

All house renovations come with challenges, as Francis and Michelle found out when they started their project on a four-bedroomed detached house in Liverpool.

Internal bifold image

Most of the standard challenges like the electrics, plastering and bathroom fittings were easy enough to overcome but the layout of the downstairs proved far trickier.

“The problem was that we had a hallway that led into the lounge. We wanted to open up that area and get some light into it, as it was quite dark. At the same time, we did not want a single big open space to live in, we like the idea of having a snug, cosy place to sit and read if we want while other things are going on in say the kitchen. We spotted these bifolding doors on a YouTube video and they seemed to offer the perfect solution,” says Francis.

Internal bifold image

Internal bifold image

Internal bifold image

The couple spoke with their builders about the idea, and they were very positive about using Vufold, even though they had never installed doors made by the company before. What’s more, they agreed that the white framed Inspire range the couple had chosen would complement Michelle’s contemporary designs for the rest of the house very well.

“The builders where very impressed with the doors and in particular with the instructions that Vufold provided. Once they were installed, they said they looked as if they were made for the job, looked right and that they had always been in place,” says Francis.

“We absolutely love them” says Francis, “coming home from work and sitting in our new space, with all the light pouring in is delightful and simply would not have been possible with any other design or option. Vufold were great with the customer service and after care, we like the doors so much we have featured them on our Instagram page along with our three cats,” says Francis.