Installation Information

We deliver your Vufold bi-folding door sets and French Patio door pair sets with a comprehensive, step-by-step instruction booklet to guide you - or your installer - through every step of the installation.

Vufold internal and external bi-folding doors, French patio doors and windows come virtually fully machined and pre-sized to your specification. The only machining you need to do yourself is to fit the door handles. The rest is simply a question of assembling the bi-folding doors and frames. But don’t worry, we make this as easy as possible for you, as well.

The track and aluminium cill are pre-fitted to the timber parts of the frame. All you need to do is assemble your door frame using the screws provided.

We pre-drill or clearly mark the holes where the hardware fits. All of the fixings for our external bifolding sets are provided to secure the frame into the brickwork, as are the fixing screws for securing the door frame head into the steel lintel and RSJ or seek advice from a structural engineer. We even send you the correct diameter and length of HSS and masonry drill bits to make sure you’ve got the right sizes, plus the driver bits to fit the screws.

Status aluminium bifolding doors, Supreme aluminium bifolding doors and Status/Supreme windows incorporate unique Vufold manufacturing techniques to allow the glazed units to be factory installed including the 'toe and heel' balancing. This enables a really fast and easy installation by any competent DIYer or builder in easy steps.
• Assemble the frame (12 screws)
• Fix the frame into the brickwork opening, square up and level
• Fix the hardware to the doors and the doors to each other
• Finally, adjust height and width if needs

And that's it! No specialist aluminium door fitter is required.

Any joiner, builder or experienced DIYer should be able to fit Vufold bi-folding doors, French patio doors and windows without any problem. But if you do need any advice on the installation, please see our Installation FAQ tab and Downloadable Manuals page or contact us. We’d be delighted to help.

IMPORTANT: If you purchase an unfinished door set make sure you treat them before installation.