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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of triple glazing over double glazing?

What is the U value?

Can you offer a made-to-measure or bespoke door set service?

Can Vufold doors open inwards and outwards?

Do you offer a low threshold / Flush cill for your external folding sliding doors?

Are your folding doors top-hung or bottom-hung?

What is the guarantee?

Can you have an access door open on its own?

Can the doors be trimmed?

What does 'Prefinished' mean?

Can you supply your internal doors with frosted glass?

Do you supply trickle vents for your doors?

Where can I view Vufold doors?

Are your doors fire rated?

Are you FENSA registered?


Can I choose which way the doors open on external bifold doors?

What size brickwork opening do I need?

Does the door set need treating?

How do I fix the frame head to the lintel?

What is the height and width of a Vufold cill?

Do I need to purchase anything else to install the doors?


When will my doors be delivered?

How much do you charge for delivery?

How quickly can I expect my door order to arrive?

How quickly can I expect my window order to arrive?

Can I collect my order?

How will my door set be delivered?

Will I be notified before delivery?

Can I specify a delivery day?

Can I delay delivery of products?


How often do I need to re-coat my timber door set?

What product can I use for re-coating my timber door set?

What finish should I use on my unfinished door set?


Do you offer trickle vents?

Do you offer installation for windows?

What is the delivery timescale for windows?

Do you offer bespoke windows?

Do you offer triple-glazed windows?

What is the thickness of your double-glazed units?

Are the glazing units argon gas filled?

What does 'argon gas filled' mean?

What U-value do your windows have?