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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the benefits of triple glazing over double glazing?

    Triple glazing adds and improves the thermal efficiency, giving your doors a better U-value.

  • What is the U value?

    U-values measure how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the U-value, the better the heat insulation.

  • Can you offer a made-to-measure or bespoke door set service?

    Yes, a bespoke service is available - please provide further information including dimensions via the Contact Us page, or call our sales team.

    We do have a range of standard sizes available to order immediately via the website. 

  • Can Vufold doors open inwards and outwards?

    Yes, we can offer a bespoke open-in door set in our Supreme and Status aluminium ranges only. Our, Status and Supreme French doors can open inwards or outwards (you specify which when ordering).

    All standard-sized Vufold external bifold doors open outwards only.

  • Do you offer a low threshold / Flush cill for your external folding sliding doors?

    Yes, we offer a flush cill with our Elite and Master (White only) range. However, the flush cill option is for internal use only for example in between a living area and conservatory.

    Our ‘external’ cill would be required if your door set is going to be installed on an external wall open to the elements. However, it is possible to install the ‘external cill’ flush with your internal or external floor.

  • Are your folding doors top-hung or bottom-hung?

    All our bifold doors (except the aluminium Status and Supreme ranges) are top-hung for ease of operation, with a bottom track designed to be used as a guide.

    The Supreme bifold doors are bottom hung and have a self-cleaning bottom rolling system with built in removable track covers.

  • What is the guarantee?

    We guarantee all our hardwood and composite (hardwood and aluminium) external door sets for 10 years against manufacturing defects as well as all our glazing units.

    The Status, Supreme and internal door ranges have a 15 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

    The Vufold Ultra, Status and Supreme aluminium finish is guaranteed for 15 years depending on location and proximity to the coast.

    Blinds are guaranteed for 1 year from installation date.

    View further details on our guarantee.

  • Can you have an access door open on its own?

    Yes - all Vufold bifold doors have a single-opening daily-access door with the exception of the 2 door Status or Supreme.

  • Can the doors be trimmed?

    Our doors have not been designed to be trimmed(unless stated on individaul product page). Doing so may invalidate your warranty.

  • What does 'prefinished' mean?

    ‘Prefinished’ means that our doors have had 3 coats of a microporous wood finish applied in the factory, so they are ready to install without needing further treatment or finishing during installation.

    Prefinished doors still require regular checks and maintenance. We supply a range of maintenance kits, care products and finishes. These can be found in our maintenance section.

  • Can you supply your internal doors with frosted glass?

    We offer frosted toughened safety glass on our Finesse Frosted range only. Our other internal doors are supplied with clear toughened safety glass.

  • Do you supply trickle vents for your doors?

    Yes, they are available as part of our configure and buy section on our Elite, Master, Supreme and Status ranges, however, they are not always required on every installation.

    Please check with building control / regulations if they are required for your installation.

  • Where can I view Vufold doors?

    We have a showroom in Macclesfield where we display many of our door ranges - see our showroom page for more details.

  • Are your doors fire rated?

    No, our doors are not provided with a fire rating.

  • Are you FENSA registered?

    No, FENSA relates to the person(s) installing the doors or windows.

    The Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme (FENSA) has been set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other industry bodies in response to the building reguilations. A FENSA registered fitter just means that they are self-certifying the compliance of the windows or doors with the building regulations.


  • Can I choose which way the doors open on an external bifold door set?

    Yes - the diagrams below show the opening options available with our doors sets.

    3-Door set opening options:

    3 door opening right3 door opening right
    3 door opening left3 door opening left

    4-Door set opening options:

    4 door opening right4 door opening right
    4 door opening left4 door opening left

    5-Door set opening options:

    5 door opening right5 door opening right
    5 door opening left5 door opening left

    6-Door set (the only configuration):

    6 door closed6 door closed
    6 door daily access door6 door daily access door
    6 door open6 door open
  • What size brickwork opening do I need?

    You would normally allow 10mm to the outer frame height and width. Below is the outer frame and suggested brickwork opening size for our external bi-folding door sets to allow room for mastic sealing around the frame (applies to bifolding door sets only).


    Width mm

    Height mm

    Width mm

    Height mm

    1.8M (6ft)


    2090.2 1800 2100.2
    2.1M (7ft)


    2090.2 2100 2100.2
    2.4M (8ft)


    2090.2 2400 2100.2
    2.7M (9ft)


    2090.2 2700 2100.2
    3.0M (10ft)


    2090.2 3000 2100.2
    3.6M (12ft)


    2090.2 3600 2100.2


    2090.2 4000 2100.2
    4.2M (14ft)


    2090.2 4200 2100.2
    4.8M (16ft)


    2090.2 4800 2100.2


    2090.2 5000 2100.2


    2090.2 6000 2100.2
  • Does the door set need treating?

    No treatment prior to installation is required on prefinished Vufold doors, however, regular maintenance is required. We have a full range of kits to help you maintain your timber doors. Please visit our maintenance section for more details on these products.

    Our internal oak doors are supplied unfinished, as well as the Elite Unfinished external bifold door range, which will need treating before installation.

  • How do I fix the frame head to the lintel?

    Fixing the frame head to the lintelFixing the frame head to the lintel

    With top-hung / top roller systems, it is vital to fix through the aluminium track, timber frame head and lintel. Vufold doors are top-hung (except our aluminium Status and Supreme ranges, which are bottom-hung), so all the weight is supported from the aluminium top channel and the head of the timber frame, hence the importance of a secure fixing into the lintel, to enable the system to work correctly.

    For fixing into RSJ / ‘I’ lintel use nuts and bolts (not provided). Direct frame fixings are provided to fix to a steel lintel.

    If in any doubt consult a structural engineer.

  • What is the height and width of a Vufold cill?

    Master And Elite cill dimensionsMaster And Elite cill dimensions

    Frame jamb: normally installed 5-10mm back from face of building, with cill on brick course.

    Ultra cill dimensionsUltra cill dimensions
  • Do I need to purchase anything else to install the doors?

    No, each door set is provided with a comprehensive installation manual, along with all the hardware, drill bits and fixings required to install the doors.

    However, you will have to purchase a high build microporous wood finish and make sure you apply three coats to any unfinished door before installation.


  • When will my doors be delivered?

    Once your order has been dispatched to our delivery company, you will be contacted by phone, text and or email to book in a delivery day and timeslot.

  • How much do you charge for delivery?

    We offer free UK mainland delivery.

    Please see delivery info for full details.

  • How quickly can I expect my door order to arrive?

    All timber products and Supreme Express bifold doors would normally be delivered within 3 working days (excluding outlying areas). Please check the product page for delivery information for the Status and Supreme ranges of Bifold and French doors.

  • How quickly can i expect my window order to arrive?

    Please check the window product page for current delivery timescales.

  • Can I collect my order?

    Yes, you can collect timber doors only from our warehouse with 48 hours’ notice from time of placing your order, Monday to Friday and by prior arrangement only.

  • How will my door set be delivered?

    We offer a 2-man home delivery service. Each door will be individually packed, supplied fully glazed and your frame will arrive unassembled.

    Once your doors have been inspected they need to be stored flat in a dry room.

  • Will I be notified before delivery?

    Yes - once your order has been placed and confirmed by our customer service team, you will be contacted by the delivery company and advised of a designated day and timeslot.

  • Can I specify a delivery day?

    We will do our utmost to work around your request; however, this will depend on other deliveries and can sometimes cause delays in receiving your order.

  • Can I delay delivery of products?

    You have the option to delay the dispatch of your new Vufold doors by a maximum of 4 weeks when you place your order: simply select the 'Delayed dispatch' option on the Delivery Method section at checkout, and you will be presented with a set of dates to choose for your order to be dispatched from our warehouse.


  • How often do I need to re-coat my timber door set?

    Normal timescale for recoating is between 2 and 5 years. However, we advise that you check your timber door set every six months and re-coat if necessary as this will depend on location and weather.

    Please see care and finishes guidelines for further information.

  • What product can I use for re-coating my timber door set?

    We recommend using a high build microporous wood finish.

    We do have maintenance kits available to purchase directly from Vufold. Please see maintenance kits section.

  • What finish should I use on my unfinished door set?

    We recommend finishing your doors with at least 3 coats of a high build microporous wood finish to all faces and edges to make sure all the timber parts are fully sealed.

    We do not recommend using a wax or oil and this may invalidate your warranty.

    Please see care and finishes guidelines for further information.


  • Do you offer trickle vents?

    Yes. You can specify trickle vents when ordering.

  • Do you offer installation for windows?

    No - our windows are supplied fully glazed and designed to be installed on site by a competent tradesperson.

  • What is the delivery timescale for windows?

    Please view the individual window product page for current delivery timescales.

  • Do you offer bespoke windows?

    Yes - please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

  • Do you offer triple-glazed windows?

    No, our windows are double-glazed only.

  • What is the thickness of your double glazed units?

    Our units are 28mm thick.

  • Are the glazing units argon gas filled?


  • What does 'argon gas filled' mean?

    It means that the space between the two panes of a double-glazed window is filled with argon, rather than air.

    Argon is much better than air at keeping heat in and cold out.

  • What U-value do your windows have?

    The Status/Supreme windows have a U Value of 1.6 W/m2K and the Ultra windows have a U Value of 1.5 W/m2K


  • Do you offer integral blinds?

    No, the blinds are not integral to the glass but fit neatly to the beading of the door.

    We have a range of blinds available that have been specially designed to fit Vufold external and internal doors (except for our Edge internal doors).

  • What colours are available?

    Depending on the range of doors, we offer the following choice of fabrics;

    • White Cream
    • Beige Black
    • Concrete (Dark Grey)
    • Iron (Light Grey)

    With the below blind body colour options;

    • Brown
    • White
    • Grey (Anthracite)
  • Are they venetian blinds?

    No. Venetian blinds consist of horizontal slats, our blinds are a pleated fabric.

  • What are the blinds made off?

    The body of our blinds are a coated aluminium rail paired with carefully chosen fabric and specially designed to suit compact spaces, so they will not interfere with the operation of your doors.

  • How do they operate?

    Our blinds are operated manually by simply raising and lowering the bottom rail of the blind body, which holds its position under tension at your required height.

  • Are the blinds black out blinds?

    No, the blinds will reduce the amount of light transfer, however, they are not blackout.

  • How are they installed?

    Our blinds have been specially designed for self-install, with everything meticulously thought out in advance, they are a breeze to install.

    Our timber door blind sets are installed by drilling small holes with the use of a template and fixing the blind onto the beading of your door’s top and bottom timber rail.

  • How do you clean them?

    The blinds can be carefully sponge cleaned.

  • How long do they take to be delivered?

    Your blinds will be delivered within 10 days of you placing your order / cleared payment being received.

    Our blind supply has been disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we are unable to deliver within our usual 10 days. If you wish to order blinds at the same time as doors we will endeavour to deliver your blinds at the earliest available opportunity. Please contact our sales team on 01625 44 28 99 for further updates and information.

  • Will my blinds be delivered with the other items on my order?

    No, your blinds will be despatched separately via a courier who delivers Monday – Friday typically between 8am-6pm. They will require a signature, however, if you are not home when they attempt delivery, they will leave a card for you to arrange a redelivery at your convenience.

  • Are they easy to replace?

    All of our blinds can easily be replaced as they sit on the face of the door, rather than being integrated into the glazing unit itself.

  • Can you offer blinds for other non-Vufold products?

    No, our blinds are only suitable for Vufold internal and external doors, excluding the Edge internal door design, or the Status and Supreme triple glazed doors.

  • Are they child safe?

    All of our blinds are child safe by design, meaning there are no free-hanging cords.

  • Do you offer guarantee on the blinds?

    Yes, we offer a 12-month guarantee with the blinds against manufacturing defects.