Living room and kitchen/diner created by Finesse internal bifold doors

Monifa & Dan | May 2024

We often work with customers who are renovating or remodelling their properties and it is fascinating to see the different ways in which our doors are used across different designs. Monifa and Dan got in touch with us when they were renovating the downstairs of their 1950’s end terrace house in the Manchester suburbs. Their project involved knocking a wall down to create a kitchen-diner, removing a chimney stack from the living room and widening an already existing archway entrance which bordered the living room to the dining room.

Monifa explained their thought process behind opting for bi-folds as an interior feature of their remodel:

“Since the wall between the kitchen and dining room was removed, and the entrance from the dining room to the living room had become a widened archway, we needed a way to separate the living room from the kitchen/diner. We thought the best solution for this was a large set of glass doors to allow us to close off or open up the newly widened living room/dining room archway. Although we wanted the glass doors to separate the two spaces, we also wanted light to pass through the space and keep the feeling of openness we had created by widening the archway in the first place.”


Despite having a very clear idea of what they wanted, Monifa and Dan had a change of plan as the project progressed, bringing us into their designs at a later stage:

“Initially we had found a black aluminium set of Crittall-style doors that we had planned to install, however when it came time to buy they were out of stock and the lead times were too long for us to wait. In looking for alternatives, we found Vufold and realised what a mistake we would have made if we had stuck to our original plan. What immediately stood out was the fact the doors were solid oak, had a much warmer look to them than the black aluminium doors that seemed to be everywhere on the market, and had tall singular panes in each door portion.”

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, Monifa and Dan were impressed with the added usability of our doors: 

“The Vufold doors also had increased functionality, the fact that they could slide all the way open without taking up much interior space was ideal for us. That functionality gave us the option to open up the whole ground floor, which we knew would be great for hosting parties and social gatherings.”

And our competitive pricing was also an added bonus!

“The cherry on top was that the prices were/are very competitive, we actually ended up spending less on our Vufold doors than we had initially planned and got a look that better suited our home along with increased functionality.”


Monifa shared extremely positive comments on their experience working with us:

“Our experience working with Vufold was great! We received a confirmation of our order, a dispatch notification and the doors arrived when we expected them to. Dan has become fairly handy over the course of our renovation but our builder kindly offered to help us install the doors for free after seeing the doors and the instructions, which we took him up on. It took the builder a single afternoon to fit, clearly it was relatively straight forward!” 

When asked if she would recommend Vufold to others Monifa was equally complementary, answering with a resounding “Yes!”, continuing with even more positive comments:

“The price we paid was competitive compared to other doors of a similar size we looked at but were most pleased with the functionality and quality. A year later and we still love the doors, we’re constantly sliding them all the way open and closed and they work just as well as they day we installed them.”

It’s always great to hear how our customers find our products after the initial installation. Monifa and Dan are clearly still delighted with their new doors, but not as happy as we are that we were able to add the finishing touches to their amazing renovation. Thank you for your kind words Monifa and Dan, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you.