In mid January we made some changes to the Edge and Finesse internal folding sliding doors, making them more universal/standard in size and less confusing configurations at the point of order.

For both door ranges the width of the door sets will be:

• 6ft (1790mm) with a 3 door configuration
• 8ft (2390mm) with a 3 door configuration
• 10ft (2990mm) with a 4 door configuration

And to make things less confusing the doors will now be reversible to open left or right (same as our external ranges), without having to specify when ordering. As the new doors filter through, we will no longer offer 2 frame widths. All sets come complete with the popular 133mm unfinished oak frame to match the doors.

If you need a door in the old size they are running out fast so order as soon as you can or alternatively speak to one of our customer service team on 01625 442 889 who can offer further help and advice.