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Bifold door costs 2020: by material, location and size

The price of bifold doors varies depending on three main categories: material, location and size. Certain materials provide more protection but cost more. Bifold doors will have different requirements based on whether they are fitted externally or internally. And the size of a bifold door will obviously impact cost due to manufacturing.

External bifold doors

When discussing bifold doors, most people are referring to external bifold doors. It's essential to differentiate the location because they require different qualities from a bifold door.

External bifold doors are generally more expensive because they require additional qualities such as thermal efficiency, security and durability.

External locations

Typical external locations for bifold doors include:

Click on the relevant location to visit our full guides.

Average cost of bifold door

It is difficult to put an average price on bifold doors because of the huge amount of variety. The type of material, location and size all play a factor in pricing. Keep in mind that the average cost may not reflect the price you will be paying, especially if you are also paying for installation.

You can expect to pay between £1000 to £8000+ (supply only) depending on material and size.

Materials and size prices

External bifold doors are made from one of four types of material: aluminium, timber, composite or uPVC. Prices vary depending on the type of material.

Aluminium used to be considered one of the costliest materials but has since come down in price to match even the most reasonable bifolds. Wooden bifold doors are incredibly popular due to their good quality/aesthetic and good price. Composite offers the best of both worlds combining aluminium and timber offering excellent thermal properties and low maintenance. UPVC was known to have been one of the cheapest materials for bifold doors. However, recent findings have dictated that the average price of uPVC has increased (see below.)

Aluminium bifold door costs*

Size Number of panels Price
1.8m (6ft) 2 £1,899
2.1m (7ft) 3 £2,599
2.4m (8ft) 3 £2,699
2.7m (9ft) 3 £2,749
3.0m (10ft) 4 £2,799
3.6m (12ft) 4 £3,449
4.0m (13ft) 4 £3,599
4.2m (14ft) 5 £4,259
4.8m (16ft) 5 £4,399
5m (16ft) 5 £4,499
6m (10ft) 6 £5,699

*Based on the Vufold aluminium Status range

Wooden bifold door costs*

Size Number of panels Price
1.8m (6ft) 3 £1,399
2.1m (7ft) 3 £1,569
2.4m (8ft) 3 £1,619
2.7m (9ft) 3 £2,749
3.0m (10ft) 4 £2,239
3.6m (12ft) 5 £2,679
4.2m (14ft) 6 £3,219
4.8m (16ft) 6 £3,469

*Based on the Vufold wood Elite range (unfinished)

Composite bifold door costs*

Size Number of panels Price
1.8m (6ft) 3 £2,799
2.1m (7ft) 3 £3,049
2.4m (8ft) 3 £3,279
2.7m (9ft) 3 £3,529
3.0m (10ft) 3 £3,999
3.6m (12ft) 5 £3,999
4.2m (14ft) 5 £5,369
4.8m (16ft) 5 £5,999
4.8m (16ft) 6 £6,389

*Based on the Vufold composite Ultra range.

UPVC bifold door costs*

Size Number of panels Average Price
1.8m (6ft) 2 £2,150 - £2,350
2.1m (7ft) 3 £2,750 - £3,050
2.5m (8ft) 3 £2,900 - £3,200

*Average costs based on findings by Theecoexperts.

Installation costs

The cost of installing a bifold door also varies by quite a wide margin. Your location, the size of the door, and the difficulty of the job will factor into the installation costs.

Vufold supplies doors which are self-assembly. Almost all the tools are provided—all you need to source is a screwdriver, drill, tape measure and spirit level. This level of ease means there is no need to hire a professional fitter, saving you time and money.

What affects installation costs?

  • Size –– the larger the bifold, the harder it will be to install and the longer it will take.
  • Location –– this includes whether the door is internal or external. It also includes where you live. For example, you should expect to pay more in London than in the northern regions.
  • Installation time –– bifold doors that are difficult to install will take longer to install. Most installers will charge daily rates.

Average installation costs

According to

The average price for a small bifold door (2.7m) is approximately £600 inc. VAT.

The average price for a large bifold door (4.7) is approximately £900 - £100 inc. VAT.

These are just average prices, you may find costs are higher or lower. Prices can vary depending on:

  • Additional works required to the building / opening,
  • Removal and disposal of existing doors
  • Installers experience
  • Location

What does bifold installation entail?

There is no average installation process as it varies depending on manufacturers. Cheaper bifold doors can be more complicated to install, which may take longer and increase costs.

For a high-end bifold door, you can expect the following steps:

  • Prepare the opening
  • Choose left or right opening
  • Assemble the frame
  • Install assembled frame
  • Fit top and bottom pivot hinges
  • Hang the doors
  • Fit draft seals to the doors and frame
  • Fit the drop bolts
  • Fit lock and handles
  • Adjust the door
  • Fit the door holders to the doors

This is based on the installation guide for the Vufold 3 door Master range. Your bifold door instructions may require different steps.

How long will installation take?

According to

  • For a small bifold door less than 3m –– you can expect to have your bifold fitted within half a day
  • For larger bifold doors –– may take all day
  • For extra-large custom bifold doors –– it may take up to 48 hours

Ready-to-assemble doors

Vufold’s bifold doors are ready-to-assemble meaning they are a ‘complete package’. They include almost everything required for installation.

In a ready-to-assemble door you will find:

  • The bifold door parts including frame and glass
  • All hardware required for installation (including drill bits and fittings)
  • Most tools for installation
  • Clear and concise instructions

Ready-to-assemble doors are designed to be incredibly easy to install. Anyone with decent DIY knowledge will be able to install these doors. This means that if you have some DIY experience, you will be able to install without paying for a professional - saving you money.

Even, if you do decide to hire a professional, the installation will be as easy as possible, meaning no unnecessary time wasted.

Will bifold doors add value to my house?

Yes, bifold doors have been found to increase the value of a house by a decent margin. According to experts have estimated a 5% – 10% value increase on properties when installing a top quality bifold door.

Do exterior bifold doors need planning permission?

External bifold doors are unlikely to need planning permission, especially if you are simply replacing other types of patio doors (such as French or sliding).

If you are building an extension on your home, you will need to include your bifold doors in the plan.

Bifold vs sliding doors vs French door costs

A simple cost comparison table of bifolds vs sliding vs French doors. We can differentiate with materials too e.g. An aluminium bifold door will cost more than a uPVC French patio door etc. so we can make that clear.

Size Bifold* Sliding** French***
1.2m N/A N/A £1,699
1.5m N/A N/A £1,799
1.8m(6ft) £1,899 N/A £1,899
2.1m(7ft) £2,599 N/A N/A
2.4m(8ft) £2,699 £2,739 N/A
2.7m(9ft) £2,749 £2,869 N/A
3m(10ft) £2,799 £3,289 N/A
4m(13ft) £3,599 £3,839 N/A
5m(16ft) £4,499 £4,379 N/A
5m(16ft) £4,499 £4,379 N/A
6m(20ft) £5,699 £4,899 N/A

* *Based on the Vufold Status bifold range **Based on the Vufold Supreme sliding range ***Based on the Vufold Status French door double glazed range

Internal bifold doors

Internal bifold doors are generally cheaper than external bifolds. This is because they are usually smaller and don’t require the same levels of weather protection, security and thermal efficiency.

Almost all internal bifold doors are made from wood because they are lightweight, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Purchasing internal bifold doors made from aluminium or uPVC may be excessive as they will likely be double or tripled glazed, which will increase costs.

Average costs of internal bifold doors

Like external bifold doors, internal bifold prices can vary depending on manufacturer, material and location.

The average cost of a high-quality internal bifold can range from £700 - £2000

Internal bifold door costs*

Size Number of panels Price
1.2m (4ft) 2 £739
1.5m (5ft) 2 £799
1.8m (6ft) 3 £1,079
2.1m (7ft) 3 £1,109
2.4m (8ft) 4 £1,239
2.7m (9ft) 4 £1,289

*based on Vufold Inspire Oak range

Installation costs for internal bifold doors

Internal bifold doors are generally less complicated to install due to less hardware required. This can make internal bifold doors cheaper to install than external.

The main factor in price is whether the internal bifold is being installed in an existing opening or not. With an existing opening, it's unlikely brickwork will be required so can be a relatively simple fit. If extra brickwork is needed, that can increase the cost by a considerable margin.

According to, to fit a standard internal bifold door into an existing opening, you can expect to pay approximately £250 for the labour and £650 for the material costs (if needed).

Can I install internal bifold doors by myself?

Standard bifold doors will likely require a professional for installation. This is because the installation process may be complicated due to how the doors are manufactured.  Instructions that are complex and difficult to read may require a professional to decipher.

However, high-end bifold doors like Vufold are ready-to-assemble meaning they are one of the simplest kinds of doors to install. If you have moderate DIY knowledge, you will be able to install Vufold bifold doors yourself. You can find example installation instructions on our website.