Composite front door side panel options and configurations

When looking for a new door for your home, there is a huge amount of choice out there that it can be hard to choose the right front door. Once you have decided on composite doors, there are even more factors to consider.

Composite doors are available in various styles, including side panels which makes them a fantastic option for your home. Understanding what the side panels are, the benefits to your home and the available options can help you to choose the perfect door for your home.

What are composite doors with side panels?

A composite door is an excellent choice for a front door. Unlike uPVC doors which are primarily made from plastic, composite doors are manufactured using a range of materials such as glass reinforced plastic, timber and an insulated core.

These elements combine to create doors that are extremely solid and durable as well as lightweight. Composite doors are available in almost every style including with side panels.

Side panels are glass panels that can be placed on one side or either side of the frame of your door to improve the aesthetics of your home. You may choose side panels to fill a larger gap in your home than a single front door or to bring more natural light into your home. Composite doors can be customised to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of a composite door with side panels?

Adding a composite door with side panels to your home has a range of benefits:

  • Introduce more light into your home – glazed side panels can help to bring more light into dark entrance halls or make you home feel bigger. This can create a beautiful flood of light into your entrance and downstairs hallway.
  • Fill a larger space – you may have a wider space to fill than smaller homes so side panels can provide a great way to fill this space and add something extra to your home.
  • Enhance kerb appeal – in addition to improving the light in your home, side panels can help to improve kerb appeal and increase security.

What to consider when choosing side panels

When you are choosing side panels for your home, there are a variety of factors that you should consider.

Match your door

Think about whether the side panels you install will match the colour of your door. This is important as it will impact the overall look of your front door. A poor colour match could affect the entre look of your front door so matching the side panels to your door is the best way to tie everything together.

Door design

It’s essential to consider the design of your door and how the side panels will fit in with this. This will also need to be factored in when matching the door to the overall style of your home. For a modern look to your home, glass side panels can provide an excellent addition while opening out and improving the light in more traditional, period properties.


The glazing you opt for will depend on the design of your door, the style of your home, and how much light you want to introduce into your home. It’s possible to have side panels made of just composite materials with no glazing or side panels that are mostly glazing. You can also opt for frosted glass to help improve privacy as well as other glass options.

Size of the opening

You should also examine the size of the door opening you have available. This will determine the size of the side panels and whether they are suitable for your property at all.

Wider and larger openings benefit greatly from side panels, but homes with a narrower space can enjoy smaller composite panels. There are sizes available or a range of different homes and opening requirements.

Thermal efficiency

The glazing you install within your side panels is not just reliant on the style or design you’re creating for your home.

When installing side panels with your door, it is also vital to consider the level of thermal efficiency you want to bring to your home. Composite doors are an excellent choice when it comes to thermal efficiency but introducing glass into your entryway can reduce this. Ensuring that the glazing in your side panels is sufficient, such as double glazing or triple glazing, should be a key consideration.

With all this in mind, there are plenty of composite door side panel choices to suit most home designs and sizing needs - the freedom and flexibility you have will mainly depend upon your supplier.

What does a composite door with side panels cost?

When it comes to choosing a door for your home, one of the leading considerations is cost.

The average price for a composite door with side panels will vary based on the size of the opening and the glazing options you wish to install. A composite door can cost between £900 and £1500 but this price depends on the design, glazing and the size you require.

As you can see, introducing composite door side panels into your home is the perfect way to update the look and feel of your property while improving security and many other features. The exact style and design of the door and side panel will depend on your property and personal taste but, the right side panels can create beautiful kerb appeal for your home, improved thermal efficiency and more.

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