Composite front door colours: options available and factors to consider

When choosing the right composite front door for your home, a key factor to consider is the look of your door and how it fits in with the style of your home. Your new door should suit the look and style of your home and existing windows as the front door is one of the first things visitors will see. Fortunately, composite doors are available in a range of colours and styles.

In this article, we will examine how to find the right colour for your front door, discussing popular colours for composite doors and the factors to consider when looking for the perfect door for your home.

What colours do composite doors come in?

Composite front doors are available in a huge range of colours but, your colour choice will depend on the supplier you choose. Most suppliers will stock the most popular colours however, for more unusual shades, you may need to look around to find a supplier with the colour you want or a supplier who can create a bespoke door.

Composite doors are coated in glass reinforced plastic which can be made in almost any colour, providing the doors with a number of options.

Popular colours for composite front doors

There are many popular colours for composite front doors. The composite door colour you choose depends on your own taste and the style of home you live in. These include:


  • A neutral shade that offers something different from a white front door
  • A grey composite door can suit modern or new build homes
  • Creates a minimalist, clean look
  • Grey shades suit traditional or country homes
  • Matches with popular window colours such as Anthracite Grey to tie the home exterior together


  • Commonly used for traditional period buildings
  • Makes a statement for modern new build homes to add an industrial look
  • Can look striking against a white building
  • Will complement white windows


  • Perfect for a terraced property
  • A more muted green can suit the natural surroundings of a house or cottage in the countryside


  • A versatile and flexible colour that can be used in any property
  • Can brighten up a terraced house
  • Can provide a minimalist look to a newly built home
  • Works for coastal properties

Oak/wood effect

  • A classic look that suits a range of property styles
  • Mimics the look of a wooden door with the benefits of a composite door

Blue or navy

  • Variety of shades available
  • Perfect for coastal properties
  • Navy is well suited to period properties

What to consider when choosing the right door colour

When thinking about which front door colour might be right for your home, there are several factors to consider. As an exterior door, it can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home so it’s important to get it right.

Your front door should add to your home’s kerb appeal and fit in with the overall aesthetic of your property. This means that the colour should match or complement the other windows and doors installed in your home and you may also want to think about how your home fits in with the look of your neighbourhood.

Does the colour suit your property?

One of the most important considerations is whether the colour will fit in with the style of your property.

  • Period – look best with a darker colour to keep with the traditional style. Consider shades such as navy blue, deep red or even black.
  • Terraced – has more flexibility. Redbrick terraces look great with both traditional white or black doors but you could also branch out into brighter greens and reds for something more unique.
  • Country home – will suit a front door that looks traditional while fitting in with the natural surroundings. For example, oak or wood effect doors provide the perfect look and shades of green help the property to match its surroundings.
  • Coastal home – should reflect the natural beauty of their surroundings, with white front doors and lighter colours such as grey and blue.
  • New and contemporary homes – have the most flexibility when it comes to a new front door. A brand new home can suit bright colours but muted shades of grey or black can provide a modern, minimalist style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can composite front doors be painted?

You can paint a composite front door but it is not usually recommended. Composite front doors are less prone to weathering than wooden front doors so shouldn’t require repainting, meaning they are a low maintenance option when compared to other types.

If you do decide to paint your composite front door, you must be careful with the paint you use and be careful to avoid any glass panels.

Are composite front doors the same colour on both sides?

Composite doors are usually either the same colour on both sides or white on the inside and your chosen colour on the outside.

Do composite door colours fade?

Composite door colours can fade over time, but they should not fade if they were constructed and treated correctly in the first place.

How do you treat a faded composite door?

You can use polish substitutes to treat a faded composite door but modern composite front doors are less prone to weathering than other types or older types so this shouldn’t be a problem you experience.

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