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Buying a new grey external aluminium bifold door | What are the benefits of grey bifold doors?

Installing grey aluminium bifold doors is an excellent way of achieving a modern, clean look for your property. Though grey has been a popular colour for many years when it comes to home renovation – it still seems to be as in-demand ever, with a huge range of grey aluminium bifolds available on the market in numerous styles and configurations.

Aluminium is a durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and is resistant to rust and corrosion, so it isn’t surprising that aluminium remains one of the most popular options available. Aluminium bifold doors are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance compared to other materials such as wood. So, where do you start when it comes to choosing grey aluminium bifold doors?

Here, we take you through the factors to consider when buying a new grey aluminium bifold door. We also discuss the different colour options when buying a new aluminium bifold door.

What are the benefits of choosing a grey aluminium bifold door?

Grey continues to be one of the most popular neutral colours in interior design due to its timeless quality and ability to suit many types of homes. As interior designer Manuela Hamilford states, “The colour grey is always great to use around the house, especially for those who haven’t quite decided which design direction to go in for their design aesthetic. It can be adapted to be warm or cold and for a variety of different aesthetics”. Grey is an ideal colour if you are looking for a more neutral option as opposed to a brighter, more dramatic option. Grey external bifold doors also allow you to utilise natural light while providing a classic, non-fussy appearance for your home. Available in very slim sightlines, aluminium bifold doors make an aesthetic addition to the home while allowing you to utilise natural light. With many of us continuing to work from home or on a hybrid basis, bringing the outside in can be beneficial for productivity and motivation.

Aluminium bifold doors are durable and low maintenance, particularly when powder-coated, which is the case with all Vufold aluminium bifolds. Find out more about the benefits of aluminium bifold doors here.

Expert Quote:

"Aluminium as a material will comfortably outlast uPVC, which has a lifespan of only 20 to 30 years."

-Rick Collins, Director, Vufold
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How do you find a high-quality grey aluminium bifold door?

When choosing your grey aluminium bifold door, there are many aspects to consider – such as what style and aesthetic you want, the accessories for your door, and the ideal configuration. Read how to choose the right bifold configuration here. When it comes to choosing accessories and hardware – consider whether you want contrasting materials to your door frame, or whether you want your doors to be consistent in colour and material. You can find out more about the different aluminium bifold door accessories here.

It is also important to find a high-quality grey external aluminium bifold door supplier. Investing in high-quality white aluminium external bifold doors will pay off in the long run, with several benefits when compared to cheaper alternatives. Here is what to look for in a high-quality external bifold door supplier:

  • Choose high-quality materials such as aluminium –– you don't want to replace your doors every few years, so choosing bifold doors made from the best materials, such as aluminium, can ensure a long lifespan for your product. Doors made from quality materials are also better equipped to cope with frequent usage, as well as the worst of the UK weather.
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency - the best-quality bifold doors that offer a high level of thermal efficiency can help save money on energy bills and ensure that you do your bit for the environment. Read more about bifold door thermal efficiency here.
  • Optimum security –– ensure you choose a grey bifold door that features the best security measures, such as high-quality locks, handles and materials, to keep you and your family safe.
  • Improved support and guarantees –– choosing a top quality bifold door sold by a reputable supplier will provide you with peace of mind, ongoing customer support and reliable guarantees. At Vufold, our aluminium bifold doors come with an impressive 15-year guarantee.

Are you looking for a grey aluminium bifold door with superior energy efficiency?

Shop our Status aluminium bifold door range

Status aluminium bifold door range

Thermally broken aluminium - superior energy efficiency.

Easy Install - doors come ready glazed, with drill bits and fixings.

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Read our full range of Status aluminium bifold doors here.

Read more about choosing the right aluminium bifold door here.

At Vufold, our grey aluminium bifold doors come with everything you need for easy installation, including:

  • Door frames

  • Hardware and handle(s)

  • Tracks

  • Fixings, catches and door stops.

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What are the other popular colours of aluminium bifold doors?

Other neutral colours, such as white and black tend to be the most common options when it comes to choosing a new bifold. This may be due to their versatility and ability to suit a large range of property styles and aesthetics. Read our full guide to black aluminium external bifold doors here.

If you are looking for a brighter, more unique option, you may want to look for a colour such as a pastel green or blue. However, bear in mind that you will need to find an option that complements your property, and choosing a neutral, versatile option such as grey is a great option. At Vufold, our other popular aluminium bifold door colours include the following:

RAL colour chart

Find out how aluminium bifold doors compare to uPVC bifold doors here.

What are the lead times for grey aluminium external bifolds?

At Vufold, our grey aluminium external bifolds are available on a 3–4-week delivery time. However, in a hurry, our grey Supreme Express bifold doors are available for delivery in just three days. View our complete selection of aluminium bifold doors here.

Vufold’s grey aluminium bifold doors

Designed in the UK and manufactured in our state-of-the-art factories, our grey aluminium bifold doors offer outstanding quality and design. All our patio doors are designed for UK weather conditions to keep you warm and snug when the weather does its worst. We offer a warranty of 15 years for our aluminium bifold doors.

All Vufold aluminium external bifold doors are supplied as ready-to-assemble sets, virtually every component is prepared in our factories, so they are easier to put together. Our doors are also available in a range of configurations, glazing options and finishes to ensure you find the perfect fit for your home.

Our team is more than happy to talk about your options so you can move one step closer to making your dream doors a reality. Contact us today to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

What types of homes are grey bifolds good for?

Grey bifold doors go well alongside any type and style of property; which contributes to their popularity. If you are unsure which accessories and hardware will go well with your grey bifold door, read our guide to bifold door accessories and hardware here.

Do grey aluminium bifolds cost more than other doors?

Aluminium is often more expensive than other types of materials, due to its durability, strength, and reliability. However, the material is worth the price if you are looking for a long-term investment for your home. See below for more information on how aluminium compares to other materials:


Reason for price

Length of guarantee




  • High-quality material
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Natural thermal efficiency


10 year

20 - 30 years



  • High-quality material
  • Durability
  • Longevity


15 year

45 years



  • Combined material
  • One of the best U-value in the country
  • Longevity


10 year

30 years +



  • Cheap materials
  • Environmentally unfriendly
  • Prone to damage


10 year

20 – 30 years

How do you maintain an aluminium bifold door?

An external bifold door should last for a significant time. One of the places cheap bifold doors can show wear is with the hardware. Poor quality hardware can damage quicker, causing operational issues. You should invest in a door with high-quality hardware to ensure durability and a long-term return on your investment. For cleaning an aluminium bifold door, we recommend a sponge and warm soapy water.

If you would like to find out more about ongoing maintenance for bifold doors and the cleaning solutions to use, please read our guide here: A guide to bifold door maintenance.

Vufold uses the highest quality materials to produce a truly superior product that will enhance your home.

Did you know:

The extended life span of Aluminium bi fold doors can also help boost your property value. Experts estimate this to be in the region of 5-10%. Any initial cost difference therefore against UPVC is likely to be returned via your homes valuation.

Are you still unsure which bifold door material to choose? Shop our full selection of high-quality internal bifold doors and external bifold doors here.

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