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White vs grey external bifold doors: which colour is best for your home?

Colour is often an important consideration for homeowners. When purchasing a bifold door you want a style that suits your taste and home. Two of the most popular colours for bifold doors are white and grey.

White has been a staple for bifold doors and grey has grown in popularity over the last twenty years. While the decision is often left to personal taste, this guide will help you decide which colour is best for you.

Why white is a great colour choice for external doors

external white door

White is a neutral tone and has been the go-to colour for doors and window frames in people's homes. White creates a light and bright feel which will suit any colour in the home. It is the obvious choice if you already have white windows.

White has remained popular even as various trends have come and gone. It is a safe option when it comes to style and longevity – providing brightness and a style that will suit any colour.

Many bifold door companies use the RAL colour range, which has long been the industry standard for powder coating aluminium products. This means there are different shades of white, widening your range of options to find the perfect tone to match the style of your home. Traffic white is the most popular shade and is available with Vufold bifold doors.

Best white external bifold doors: Vufold Supreme

white bifold door
  • Easy to install – drill bits and hardware come included
  • Easy adjustment - no need to hire a tradesman
  • Thermally broken - for improved insulation
  • Multiple colours - available in white and grey
  • 15 year guarantee!

Price: from £2,619

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Why is grey becoming one of the most popular choices of colour?

grey bifold door

Grey has grown in popularity with the rise in aluminium bifold doors. Anthracite grey is a particular shade that has grown significantly in popularity. Anthracite grey can enhance the overall look of a property and make a home stand out with a chic, luxurious appearance.

Many homes still have the classic white shades on their doors and windows, but as grey gains popularity in all aspects of design, it is emerging as the new white.

Key benefits of grey bifold doors

  • Grey is very on trend which will add a stylish flair to your home both inside and out
  • Grey is a neutral tone that complements most blinds, shutters and curtains
  • If the exterior of your home is painted in a light colour, the contrast of the anthracite colouring will add an impressive juxtaposition to the building
  • Grey doesn't show dirt and dust as much as white. This means it is low-maintenance, requiring less work to keep your door looking clean

If you are concerned about whether the grey will be a good fit for your home, you can think about tying your rooms together by investing in decorations and objects that complement the grey tone. When the objects in your home are cohesive, it gives the impression that you have considered your interior design. By breaking up that old-fashioned 'all-white' aesthetic, you can add a modern touch to your room.

Best grey external bifold door: Vufold Master

external grey bifold door
  • Slim sightlines enjoy unbroken views of your garden
  • Stylish wooden material slow grown and made to last
  • Secure multipoint locking system ensures added security
  • 10 year guarantee!

Price: from £1,599

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Contemporary vs traditional homes - which colour bifolds to choose?

The type of home you have may influence the kind of colour and style of bifold door.

Best colour for contemporary homes

For contemporary renovations, it is advisable to opt for modern styles and choices - grey is your best option.

The trend for contemporary style is to opt for grey or even black bifold doors. Anthracite grey is the reigning king of modern home improvement, adding a sleek, modern style to the design of a property.

You can match your bifold door colour with the same shade on your window frames to instantly transform the entire property with a cohesive, consistent aesthetic throughout. Vufold’s Status and Supreme ranges are available with matching window suites.

Best colour for traditional homes

If you are restoring a period home and want to retain the traditional aesthetic with a 21st-century spin, a shade of white may be better.

The traditional features of the home are likely to match well with shades of white that incorporate a touch of cream, stone or brown. The modern touch will come from the large glazed areas and state-of-the-art aluminium or wooden frames. If you make the right choices, you will achieve an effortless balance of contemporary style and traditional authenticity.

Dual colours - the best of both worlds

If neither colour choice feels quite right by itself, there is the option of dual colour bifold doors. A dual colour bifold door will utilise one colour on the external side and one colour on the internal. The most popular reason for dual colour is to use grey on the outside to take advantage of the dirt-camouflaging with white on the inside to match your preference for a bright decor.

Best dual colour bifold – Vufold Status

dual colour bifold
  • Double or triple glazing – added thermal protection
  • Thermally broken aluminium – keeps the U value low
  • Matching window suite available – tie the room together with matching colours
  • Super low threshold – stylish and weatherproof

Price: from £1,849

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Colour choices based on materials

Although colour choice mostly comes down to personal taste and home aesthetics, the type of material your bifold is made from may help dictate a colour.

There are three main types of materials for bifold doors:

  • Aluminium
  • Timber
  • UPVC

Best colour for aluminium bifold door

Aluminium is the more cutting-edge, modern material, with fantastic durability that belies its lightweight. It is excellent for modern properties, and as such, grey shades (such as anthracite grey) and dual colours are more popular.

Best colour for timber bifold doors

Vufold also supplies bifold doors in timber for buyers with an appetite for that timeless wooden texture. These doors are heavier, robust, and their aesthetic lends itself more to a classical presentation - suiting a white colour scheme best.

Even with white colouring, the high-quality timber maintains its 21st century edge simply due to the cutting-edge look of the bifold door. You can choose from a range of colours for your timber bifold doors.

Best colour for uPVC bifold doors

The standard colour for uPVC bifold doors is white. Unfortunately, due to the cheap material it is likely to show dirty and damage faster. If possible, trying purchasing a uPVC bifold in a different colour – or choose a better quality material.


Bifold doors are a modern style of external door, no matter what colour or material they come in. The large glazed area and the way they operate simply oozes contemporary style.

Grey shades are a distinctly contemporary design choice that is best suited to modern properties. Shades of white lend themselves better to traditional homes.

Think about the way your property looks from the outside and the way you intend to decorate the inside - it could be that a dual colour bifold door is your best option.

However you choose to proceed, a bifold door will always make rooms appear larger and brighter. You will love having one of these beautiful, user-friendly doors on your home, and Vufold supplies and fits nothing but the highest quality products on the market.

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