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Why is thermal efficiency important in bifold doors?

John Collins Managing Director

Author: John Collins - Managing Director

Ensuring our homes are as thermally efficient as possible can make a difference to the cost of our bills, as well as allowing us to be comfortable in our homes. With many of us working from home often, thermal performance in the home is even more important. According to recent research, a day of working from home could increase household energy consumption by between 7% and 23% compared with a day working at the office, depending on factors such as heating or cooling needs and the efficiency of appliances (source). It is therefore important to ensure our doors are thermally efficient so we can save on energy costs as much as possible, while helping to protect the environment.

Here, we discuss why it is important for our bifold doors to be thermally efficient, and what factors can increase thermal efficiency in bifold patio doors and internal bifold doors.



What are the benefits of bifold doors?


Bifold doors consist of a set of large glass panels, or leaves, that fold back on themselves in a concertina effect. This characteristic means they can open up an entire wall, so internal bifold doors are perfect for homeowners who are looking to create a seamless transition between rooms. Additionally, exterior bifold doors are ideal for creating a transition between your home and patio or garden area.

Modern bifold doors easily outperform old style patio doors when it comes to thermal efficiency, saving you money on heating bills. Vufold bifold doors are available in a range of high-quality materials, including aluminium doors, composite, oak and hardwood doors. They offer a smooth, seamless operation.

The key benefits of choosing a bifolding patio door or internal door include:


  • Flexibility in style
  • Super low weather rated thresholds
  • Seamless transition between indoors and outdoors
  • Great visibility
  • Range of materials and finishes available
  • Available ready-to-assemble – be sure you’re buying from a manufacturer that offers a fully finished product
  • Available with both double and triple glazing options.


Find out more about the benefits of buying bifold doors here.


Why is it important for bifold doors to be thermally efficient?

As bifold doors are made up of multiple large panes of glass, it’s important that your doors are thermally efficient, keeping your home warm and your energy bills down. When the weather turns on you and it becomes even more important to prevent heat loss, thermally efficient doors can keep you warm and comfortable no matter what.

A thermally efficient door will not only help prevent heat being transferred into the home when it’s hot outside, but it also helps stop heat being drawn from the home when it’s cold outside.

Are you looking for a thermally efficient bifold door? Shop our range of internal bifold doors and external bifold doors here.


What makes a bifold door thermally efficient?

Thermal efficiency reduces the loss of heat, meaning rooms stay at the right temperature without excessive energy consumption. Thermal efficiency is affected by frame materials, as well as whether the unit is double or triple-glazed. Low E, or Low-Emissivity, glass is a type of glazing glass containing a transparent, microscopic coating that improves the thermal efficiency of your windows. The “E” in low-E glass stands for emissivity, or the amount of energy radiated from a surface.

For example - the most thermally efficient Vufold bifold door is the Ultra composite bifold door range. Our composite doors utilise the natural insulating qualities of wood, triple glazing and a thermally insulated engineered core that incorporates two panes of Low E, argon-filled glass. Timber frame composite bifold doors offer some of the best U-values in the country.

Shop our complete selection of external and internal bifold doors here.


Types of glazing available for bifold doors

Glazing can affect the insulation properties of an external bifold door. Both double and triple glazing increase the thermal and acoustic insulation levels of a home. There are three types of glazing to consider before you install your folding doors:

  • Single glazed – this is just a single pane of glass. You are likely only to find them on listed buildings where double or triple glazing is not allowed to be installed. We don’t recommend single glazing, particularly for an external door.
  • Double glazed – created by taking two glass panes and separating them with a spacer bar. The gap between the panes traps heat which slows energy loss. Double glazing is the most common type of glazing
  • Triple glazed – the most thermally efficient type of glazing. Uses the same technology as double glazing but includes an extra pane of glass for added thermal insulation.


Read about the best types of glazing for bifold doors here.

Are bifolding doors draughty?

If installed correctly, bifolding doors should not be draughty. You should also choose a reliable, reputable supplier who offers high-quality bifold doors. If you are unsure on how to install your bifold door, you can contact us today for assistance, or read our useful guide to bifold door installation.


Why is the U-Value of bifold doors important?

The U-Value of a building material measures how effectively it insulates a building, in general, the higher the U-Value the poorer the insulation properties of that material. The U-Value is a major consideration when choosing doors as the U-Value of a door will have a direct impact on how much heat is lost from your home. When advertising the U-values, companies often publish the centre pane U-Value because it can be lower than the overall U-Value, but the key figure is the overall value.


Are Vufold bifold doors thermally efficient?

Vufold bifold doors are available in double and triple glazing options, and feature Low E, argon-filled glass. Our bifold doors provide U-values from 1.0 W/m2K.

You can find out more about the U-values of our bifold doors below:

Vufold Range



U Value w(m2/k)





Status Express













Find out more about our bifold door designs here.

Why choose a ready-to-assemble bifold door set from Vufold?

As well as providing you with an energy efficient solution, our bifold doors are also easy to install and come with a range of useful tools. Chances are you don’t want to spend hours of your time looking for the necessary tools to fit your bifold doors. If time is a priority – you may also want to consider looking for a ready-to-assemble bifold door set. Choosing a new bifold door that will save you time in the bifold door installation process, such as a ready-to-assemble bifold door, can be extremely beneficial. If you have a busy lifestyle, you likely want to find a door that you can put up quickly without wasting time looking for other necessary tools.

You might find cheaper door sets of a similar style, but they don’t include all the items you need - whereas our Ready‑to‑Assemble Sets offer you many advantages:


  • Comprehensive easy to follow fitting instructions included.
  • No complicated ‘toe and heeling’ of the glass required.
  • Consistent high quality, so every part fits as it should.
  • Competent DIYer’s may not need a specialist fitter.
  • Reduced time and cost through quicker installation on-site.
  • No specialist equipment needed as virtually everything's fully machined.
  • No need to waste time and money sourcing fixings.
  • No delays and frustration while you source essential components from different suppliers.


Are you ready to find your ideal ready-to-assemble door set? Explore our external bifold doors and internal bifold doors today!

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of triple glazing over double glazing?

Triple glazing adds and improves the thermal efficiency, giving your doors a better U-value.

What bifold door materials typically offer the lowest U-value?

Composite timber frames offer some of the lowest U-values available in the market.

What is meant by the overall U-value?

The overall U-value measures the insulation effectiveness of the glass and frame combined. When checking the thermal efficiency of a bifold door, ensure you look for the overall U-value, not just the glass value.

Are aluminium bifold doors thermally efficient?

Though aluminium bifold doors often have a reputation of not being thermally efficient – most modern aluminium bifold door designs are manufactured to ensure they provide excellent thermal efficiency, because they are designed with a thermal break. Thermal breaks reduce the transfer of temperatures between the external surface and the internal surface. Materials such as timber; however, will often still be a more thermally efficient option.

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