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How to choose a modern composite front door | Panel options, colours and accessories

Composite front doors combine durability, strength and flexibility. With a huge range of composite door designs available in the market, you can find the most suitable style and design for your home. Modern composite front doors are an attractive option for adding a fresh, contemporary feel to your home. If you tend to lean towards, simple, sleek interior and exterior design – a modern composite front door may be what your property needs.

Here, we explore the different options of modern composite front doors, and how to choose the best design, accessories and colour option for you.

What should you look for if you want to purchase a modern composite front door?

In terms of design, modern front doors typically feature clean lines, sleek hardware, and simple panelling, creating a minimalist design as opposed to a busier option.

Composite front doors offer a huge range of panel options and designs. For example, the design below demonstrates a sleek, modern design that doesn’t feature too many accessories:

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Other factors to consider when choosing a contemporary composite front door

  • Glazing – it is important to be aware of the front door glazing options available before you buy a composite front door, as this can have an impact on the design of your front door, the thermal performance of your door, and security.
  • Size or configuration – it is vital that you choose the right door for your home and the space you have available. Contact us today if you are unsure how to measure for your front door.
  • Choose a high-quality supplier - considering the supplier you buy your composite doors from will allow you to ensure that your door is of a high quality. You can look at product reviews, and the supplier’s quality standards and credentials to do this.
  • Guarantees – checking the guarantee will allow you to understand how long the door will last and help to keep your home as secure as possible in the future. Read more about our high quality door guarantees here.

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What are the benefits of modern composite front doors?

Composite is a durable and high-quality option for front doors, which has both aesthetic benefits as well as potentially increasing your home’s overall market value. Modern composite front doors can also add a fresh feel to any type of property and are a perfect choice if you prefer a simple, sleek option for your home. If your external doors are modern in design, you may also want to choose a modern front door to match this theme.

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Thermally Efficient - U Value of 1.4 W/m2K (Energy Rating B)

Safe and Secure - PAS 24 in line with Document Q tested

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Guarantee - 10 Years.

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How do modern composite front doors compare to modern uPVC front doors?

uPVC and composite front doors offer their own benefits and features which should be considered before buying them for your home. Both types of doors are fairly low maintenance and can provide a visually pleasing option for a front door. Composite doors are more durable and are often a more reliable option. uPVC front doors, on the other hand, offer excellent insulation and are available in a diverse range of styles and designs. Find more about how uPVC doors compare to composite front doors here.

When it comes to cost, composite front doors are often a more expensive option due to their increased durability. Therefore, uPVC doors may be a more suitable choice if you have a lower budget and durability is not your priority. In terms of thermal efficiency, composite front doors take the lead here, providing a very high level of thermal efficiency.


uPVC door

Composite door


Fairly secure

High level of security


Around 28mm

Around 44mm


Some maintenance

Very low maintenance


10+ years

30+ years

Thermal efficiency

Fair level of thermal efficiency

High level of thermal efficiency

How do modern composite front doors compare to modern aluminium front doors?

Both aluminium and composite front doors are low maintenance and extremely durable options. When it comes to thermal efficiency, aluminium takes the lead here, providing excellent levels of thermal efficiency. It also important to consider your aesthetic preferences, as composite front doors are a great option if you prefer the look of wood; however, also want to enjoy the increased durability achieved through combining various materials. Composite front doors are also available in a huge range of designs, varying from traditional, busier options, to modern, minimalistic designs.

In terms of cost, aluminium front doors are often more expensive, though this can vary depending on the supplier or manufacturer. The average cost of an aluminium front door is between £1400 to £4500, while the average cost of a composite front door is between £900 to £1500. Bear in mind that this is just an estimate, and costs will vary depending on the design and accessories you go for, as well as the manufacturer you choose. If you opt to add glazing or glass options, this can alter the cost you will expect to pay for your composite doors.

Though both aluminium and composite front doors are both reliable options, aluminium front doors offer a slightly longer lifespan, and can last for 45 plus years. If you have a slightly lower budget and still want to find a durable, thermally efficient option, composite doors may be perfect for you.

What colour options are available when choosing a modern composite front door?

The composite door colour you choose depends on your own taste and the style of home you live in. Modern front door colours typically include simple, classic colours such as grey, white and black, as they are extremely versatile and can suit most types of properties. Colours such as oak effect finishes, on the other hand, are more suitable for traditional styles of composite front doors.

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At Vufold, we offer dual colour options of black and white, and white and grey. Read our full guide to choosing a contemporary composite front door colour.




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The stunning Silverstone offset glazed composite door features a unique LVLF core and GRP skin giving unrivalled security, strength and efficiency. Silverstone composite front doors are available in a range of standard sizes with and without sidelights.

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Frequently asked questions

What are composite doors made of?

A composite front door is the product of several different materials combining to make one finished door. When formed together, these materials form an even stronger overall material than their individual components. A composite front door has become a popular exterior door choice with many homeowners. These are made with a uPVC galvanised steel outer frame and a timber sub-frame filled with high-density polyurethane foam. This composite material is then overlaid with glass-reinforced fibre to create a strong, grained surface. Aluminium inserts may also be added for further strength and security.

How can you identify a reputable supplier for a new modern composite front door?

When choosing a new composite front door supplier, it is important to read reviews of the supplier and consider factors such as whether the doors come with a guarantee. You may also want to consider the quality of the materials used, as well as whether the supplier offers bespoke design options. Find out more about the benefits of choosing Vufold here.

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