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Oak vs composite front doors | Comparing strength, cost, benefits and more

John Collins - Managing Director

Author: John Collins - Managing Director

When it comes to enhancing your home's curb appeal and security, you will come across many material options. Composite and oak are hugely popular materials for front doors. Both options are known for their exceptional durability and strength and provide reliable and eye-catching front door materials.

Here, we explore the strengths, costs, benefits and more of both door materials to help you choose the right option.

What are the benefits of composite front doors?

Crafted with a uPVC galvanized steel outer frame and a timber sub-frame filled with high-density polyurethane foam, composite front doors feature a resilient composition. Glass-reinforced fibre overlays the composite material, creating a robust, grained surface. Additional aluminium inserts can enhance strength and security.

The key benefits of composite front doors include the following:

  • Extreme durability: The multi-layered construction of composite doors ensures exceptional resistance to various weather conditions. Discoloration and warping are unlikely to impact the robust design of these doors.

  • High security: With a steel reinforcement inside, composite doors boast extreme robustness, making them challenging to break down. The inclusion of a multi-point locking system further enhances security.

  • Versatile colour and style options: Glass-reinforced plastic offers an extensive range of colour and style choices for composite doors. Whether seeking a traditional or contemporary look, homeowners can find the perfect style to complement their homes.

Explore our guide to front door colours here.

Looking for a modern door? Read our guide to choosing a modern composite front door.

  • Diverse glazing options: Composite front doors provide a wide variety of glazing options, allowing homeowners to add a unique touch and bring extra light into their homes.

  • Wooden door effect: Combining the durability of a composite front door with the aesthetic of a wooden door is achievable. Composite doors can be styled with a woodgrain effect, replicating the authentic look of traditional wooden doors while retaining the benefits of a composite front door.

  • Low maintenance: The robust nature of composite front doors minimizes the need for maintenance. Unlike other materials, composite doors are not affected by harsh weather conditions, eliminating the necessity for repainting, varnishing, or sanding.

  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation: Composite doors exhibit exceptional thermal efficiency and noise reduction, ensuring that heat and sound remain contained within the home.

  • Investing in a composite front door provides a durable, secure, and aesthetically versatile solution for homeowners.


Our pick:

Vufold traditional composite front doors

Vufold traditional composite front doors
  • Thermally Efficient - U Value of 1.4 W/m2K (Energy Rating B)

  • Safe and Secure - PAS 24 in line with Document Q tested

  • Easy Install - full fitting kit included

  • Guarantee - 10 Years.

Shop our range of traditional composite front doors today.

What are the key benefits of oak front doors?

Oak front doors can provide a homely, traditional appearance while also proving a strong and reliable option. The key benefits of oak front doors are as follows:

  • Enhanced thermal efficiency - Oak front doors exhibit superior energy efficiency attributed to the density of the wood. Wood is a natural insulator, them an effective solution for maintaining warmth during cold winters. This, in turn, contributes to potential energy cost savings.

  • Timeless style and versatility - Oak, being a popular wood type, seamlessly complements various furnishings such as wooden floors, tables, chairs, and cupboards. The natural wooden tones of oak doors make them an excellent fit for any home's decor, offering a timeless and versatile style.

  • Durable and long-lasting investment – Oak doors ensure enduring security, providing homeowners with peace of mind for years to come. Learn more about our guarantees.

  • Environmentally friendly choice – Oak undergoes less manufacturing compared to synthetic alternatives. This results in a lower carbon footprint. Vufold's oak doors are responsibly sourced, adhering to environmental, health, and safety protection requirements.

  • Sound absorption capabilities - beyond thermal efficiency, oak also excels in sound absorption. Choosing oak front doors contributes to creating a quieter and more comfortable living space.

  • Investing in oak front doors not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also brings practical benefits, including energy efficiency, durability, and environmental friendliness.


Our pick:

Vufold’s Oslo External Oak Front Door

Oak door
  • Fully finished with a high quality wood coating system

  • Uses our patented high performance CLPF core

  • Installation touch-up kit included so that trimmed doors can be refinished before final fitting

  • Full range of accessories available to complete the look

  • 10 Year Guarantee.


Shop our Oslo wooden front doors here.



Oak door

Composite door

Life expectancy

30 years (with maintenance)

>35 years


Highly strong and stable. Oak is the strongest type of wood for front doors and is very durable.

Exceptional strength and durability.


Requires periodic maintenance including repainting and polishing (engineered wooden doors require less maintenance).

Extremely low maintenance with little to no work required at all

Thermal efficiency and sound insulation

Very good thermal efficiency and sound insulation

Excellent thermal efficiency and sound insulation

Style options

Traditional natural wood aesthetic, or colour finishes.

Huge range of colours and style options. Can also replicate an authentic woodgrain effect.


Oak is often less expensive than composite doors.

More expensive than oak front doors.


Consider style, budget and strength when choosing a door material. Oak doors provide a traditional, elegant look. The natural grain patterns of oak add character and uniqueness. Composite doors, on the other hand, offer modern design options, including sleek profiles and contemporary finishes. You can also find more traditional composite doors if you prefer this style for your home.

Keep your budget in mind when choosing the best option for you. Composite doors offer exceptional durability; however, are often more expensive than oak front doors. Your final decision depends on your priorities and which option is sensible for your budget.

Both oak and composite front doors offer a huge range of design and colour options. Visit our composite front doors and oak front doors to find out more about the different designs. Choosing a bespoke supplier such as Vufold can ensure you find the perfect option for your home.

To find out more about the differences between oak and composite front doors, or for more advice on the best door for your home, please contact our team today.

Frequently asked questions

Are oak or composite doors more secure?

Composite doors are often considered more secure due to their robust construction and exceptional strength. However, both options offer excellent security when you find a reliable, reputable supplier. Find out more about front door security here.

How do I maintain an oak front door?

Regularly seal or paint the door to protect it from the elements and address minor damages promptly by sanding and refinishing.

Are composite doors environmentally friendly?

Many composite doors are made from sustainable materials, contributing to their eco-friendly profile.

Read our full guide to uPVC vs wooden front doors here.

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