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How to make your front door more secure

The security of your front door is extremely important to consider. Figures from the ONS showed that 76% of domestic burglaries in the UK were accessed through an exterior door. Your front door is often easy to access and will be the first port of call for intruders who are looking to gain entry into your home. Ensuring your front door, or any entry door to your home, is as secure as possible will help to reduce the chances of anyone unwanted being able to access your home.

There are several precautions you can take to make your front door as secure as possible which we will explore in this guide.

Why is front door security so important?

Front door with windows Front door with windows

You may be surprised at how many home robberies involve the burglar entering through the front door but, a weak front door allows any chance intruders to try their luck and break into your home.

Doors and windows are considered to be the easiest point of entry for your home so, even visible front door security measures can be enough to dissuade potential burglars from entering your home. Peace of mind is also important for you, as the homeowner so you can leave your home and live in your home without having to worry about intruders, your family or your belongings. Whilst a front door with security measures in place may not be a complete barrier to intruders, it will make it a lot harder for them to break in.

Should I upgrade my door security?

While keeping your home secure is always a priority, there are certain situations where the need can drastically increase. Many of these are visible and easy to diagnose, such as the effects of age or weather on the exterior of your door.

An older door frame can cause significant problems and make it much easier for burglars to gain access to your home. It’s important to remember that, if you can see the weaknesses in your front door and door frame, so too can potential intruders.

However, other factors beyond wear and tear of your door may push you to upgrade. If you are the recent victim of burglary, then improving your home security can be an excellent way to restore the security of your home and help to make you feel safer. As a minimum, a front door that looks secure signals to potential intruders that the rest of the house is equally protected and will make it too risky to attempt a burglary.

What can I do to improve front door security?

The number of improvements on the market to help you improve front door security can seem daunting but, it’s important to remember that every option (no matter how small) will make your home more secure.

Let’s take a look at the factors that can help you to improve the security of your existing front door:

Door lock

Every front door needs a lock and there are a huge number to choose from so it’s important to be aware of the options available to you. If you notice your door lock suffering from rust, age, or damage, you might want to look for a more secure door lock.

Front door lock Front door lock

The most secure types of front door include:

  • Five lever mortice lock – this is a standard door lock on the list of approved locks for home insurance policies and is one of the most common types of lock. The more levers a door lock has, the more secure and harder to break into it is.
  • Multi point locking system – multi-point locking systems have three locking points and the system sits inside the door. It is then operated using a handle and a key and is considered one of the most secure types of front door lock.
  • Night latch – while a night latch can be used to improve security, it is recommended that it is used in conjunction with one of the other locks listed. These locks are mounted onto the front door so are less secure than other locks when used on its own. Vufold’s range of Ultimate Front Doors are all available with a night latch to help you keep your home secure.
  • Deadbolt lock – deadbolt locks must the opened using a key or a thumb turn and offers great security for your home as it’s impossible to be forced open using a knife blade or credit card. These locks are most suited to a wooden door, steel door or fibreglass door. Installing a deadbolt lock on a hollow core door can compromise the security of the lock.

When buying a new locking system, it is important to check with your home insurance provider to make sure that they cover that particular type. Failing to do this could mean that, should the worst happen, your home insurance will not cover any burglaries. Having a lock that conforms to British standards is usually looked on favourably and all of the above locks should meet these standards.

Reinforce your Door

Additional reinforcements can be made to your door to help with security. A common reinforcement is a deadbolt which can only lock (and unlock) from the inside. As long as your front door is not made of steel, a deadbolt can be installed yourself and will help to provide additional security.

A door chain is another option and, because they require external fore to be opened from the outside, they leave clear evidence should an intrusion happen.

You can also choose to install steel or nickel reinforcements around the hinges, screws, or locks of your doors for added security. With these installed, it can be nearly impossible to kick down a door, as the metal acts as armour from the interior.

A high-quality door handle can also have a huge impact on the security of your front door. A low quality door handle can be easily snapped, broken or forced and will allow easy access to your home.

Install a Strike Plate

A security strike plate is a piece of metal specifically designed to reinforce the door jamb. The door jamb is a specific area of your door frame that is prone to weakening; by installing a strike plate, you can quickly improve your home’s security.

Replace or Repair your Hinges

While they may not be able to prevent a break-in, a weak hinge can help an intruder to gain access to your home. Much like other parts of the door, a hinge can deteriorate through years of consistent use. It is important to keep on top of this, making frequent checks and adjusting as necessary. Though you can fix many hinge related issues by hand, if they are beyond repair, then it is time for an upgrade.

Alter your Letterbox

By design, letterboxes can grant some access to a property without the need for keys. To minimise the potential risks that come with this, we recommend installing a draught excluder inside the box to ensure thieves cannot see anything valuable behind the door.

Install a Peephole

Although of little use when you’re not at home, installing a peephole will allow you to investigate who is at the door and make a conscious decision about whether to open it. Potential scammers and thieves are less likely to try a door with a peephole installed, as they lose the element of surprise necessary for many of their schemes.

Add Glazing

The benefits of adding glazing to your door are not limited to heat and energy efficiency. Double and triple glazing can make it far more difficult for a burglar to force entry as, not only does it effectively create another barrier of entry to your home, it also makes it far more difficult for a burglar to force entry.

If you have existing glass panels in your door, you may want to look at upgrading to double or triple glazing if you haven’t already to make it harder to smash the glass.

Replace your Door

Wooden front door Wooden front door

You can install as many reinforcements as possible but there is only so much security an old or damaged door can provide. Purchasing a new front door can seem daunting, but it also opens up many more opportunities to improve the security of your home. Depending on your property, you may opt for a wooden door, composite door or uPVC front door. With a variety of materials and options to choose from, you can tailor your front door and its security to your home perfectly.

If you’d like to find out more about front door security or purchasing a new front door, please contact the team at Vufold today. Our experts are always on hand to offer advice and guidance.