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Choosing the best composite front doors in the UK | What to look for in a door and supplier

John Collins - Managing Director

Author: John Collins - Managing Director

Enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and security of homes, composite front doors are a reliable and attractive option for a home’s entrance. Their blend of various materials ensures the doors are strong, durable, and resistant to weather conditions, unlike doors made from a single material.

Read the key factors to consider when choosing the best composite front doors in the UK, and what to look for in a high-quality supplier.

Choosing the best composite front doors in the UK | What to look for

Consider the external door material and durability

The first factor to consider when choosing a composite front door is the quality of the materials used. A high-quality composite door should have a thick GRP skin to resist impacts and scratches. Additionally, check for the thermal insulation properties provided by the foam core, as this contributes to the door's energy efficiency.

The materials used in the composite front door also plays a big part in its reliability and strength. Vufold’s composite front doors are made with a timber core which forms a sub-frame that is injected with high-density, warm polyurethane foam. The wooden frame has another frame layered onto it, made from uPVC galvanised steel for double stability. A glass reinforced plastic (or fibreglass) is then fused onto the outer frame, creating a weatherproof, durable surface. The outer frame is then made using reinforced steel and uPVC.


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Vufolds Signiture Range front door - outside view

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  • Thermally Efficient - U Value of 1.4 W/m2K (Energy Rating B)
  • Safe and Secure - PAS 24 in line with Document Q tested
  • Easy Install - full fitting kit included
  • Guarantee - 10 Years.

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Read our complete guide to choosing a traditional composite front door here.

Does the supplier offer doors with good energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is another critical factor in choosing the best composite front door. Composite front doors with a high energy rating will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing energy bills. Look for doors that are rated highly on the energy efficiency scale and research features like thermal insulation and effective weather seals. You also want to look at doors with either a double or triple glazing option to keep your home warm in the colder months. At Vufold, our composite front doors have competitive U-values of just 1.4W/m2K, achieving a minimum B rating.

Find out more about choosing a thermally efficient front door here.

Choose a supplier that offers excellent door security features

Security is an important aspect to consider when it comes to front doors. Look for a supplier that offers composite doors equipped with multi-point locking systems, which lock at several points along the door's edge, and anti-snap cylinder locks to protect against lock snapping. Doors accredited by Secured by Design, a UK Police initiative endorsing products that pass rigorous security standards, or doors that have been designed and tested to meet the same standards offer peace of mind that they will provide optimum security.

Consider the safety and durability of the glass provided with the composite front door. For example, does the door feature laminated glass? It’s also vital to ensure your door comes with high-quality handles, with durable material options such as stainless steel and chrome. Researching the certifications of the doors can help you to understand more about whether they are the most secure option in the market. At Vufold, our composite front doors comply with PAS 24 in line with Approved Document Q security regulations, featuring a multi-point lock, 3-star cylinder (Anti-drill, anti-snap) and laminated glass.

Find out more about choosing a secure front door here.

Choose a supplier that offers a large variety of design options

Composite doors often offer a wide range of designs and colours, from traditional to contemporary styles, allowing you to match the door with your home's architectural style. Consider doors with a high-quality finish that mimics the look of real wood or choose from a variety of colours and textures. Additionally, think about the type of glass inserts and hardware (handles, letterboxes, knockers) that complement the overall look of the door. Read more about choosing composite front door accessories here.

Choosing a supplier such as Vufold that offers a range of customisation options can ensure you find the perfect option for your home. View our full range of composite front doors to find out more.


Vufolds Signiture Range front door - outside view
  • Thermally Efficient - U Value of 1.4 W/m2K (Energy Rating B)
  • Safe and Secure - PAS 24 in line with Document Q tested
  • Easy Install - full fitting kit included
  • Guarantee - 10 Years.

View our contemporary composite front door range.

Consider your budget and the quality of the doors

While composite doors are generally more expensive than their UPVC or wooden counterparts, they are a worthwhile investment due to their longevity, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. Prices vary based on the door's size, design, and additional features like security enhancements. It's essential to balance your budget with the quality and features you need, considering the long-term savings on energy bills and maintenance costs. Doing some research into the prices and door options offered by different suppliers can help ensure you are choosing the most competitive option without compromising on quality.

Read our expert guide to choosing a composite front door style here.

Look at online reviews and do research into offerings such as guarantees

Looking at websites such as Trustpilot and the supplier’s case studies can help you to find genuine customer reviews of the products and get an insight into the customer service experience offered. Look into information such as delivery options, guarantees, customer support and before and after pictures of the doors.

At Vufold, our composite front doors come with guarantees of 10 years. Read our case studies to find out more about how our front doors can enhance your home’s exterior. You can also read our customer reviews here.

Frequently asked questions

Are composite front doors thermally efficient?

Composite front doors are highly energy efficient, thanks to their insulating foam core and tight-fitting door frames. They are designed to reduce heat loss more effectively than single-material doors, contributing to a more comfortable home environment and potentially lowering heating and cooling costs. Find out more about choosing a thermally efficient door.

Can composite front doors be customised?

Yes, composite doors offer a high degree of customisation, especially when you choose a high-quality supplier such as Vufold. You can choose from a variety of colours, finishes, designs, and hardware options. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a more contemporary design, there's a wide range of choices to ensure your door matches your home's style.

How do composite doors compare to other types of front doors?

  • Wooden front doors: While offering classic beauty, wooden front doors often require more maintenance than composite doors and don’t offer the same level of strength and durability.
  • Aluminium doors: Aluminium doors are durable and low maintenance but may not offer the same level of thermal insulation as composite doors.
  • uPVC doors: uPVC doors are affordable and low maintenance but might not provide the same strength or aesthetic appeal as composite doors.

What maintenance is required for a composite front door set?

Composite doors are very low maintenance. They typically only require occasional cleaning with soapy water to remove dirt and maintain their appearance. They do not require painting or varnishing to protect against weathering.

Why choose Vufold?

Today’s contemporary front doors are just as impressive on the inside as they are outside too. At Vufold, our high quality composite front doors offer exceptional energy-saving performance for thermal efficiency, enhanced security and a 10-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

With a wide range of modern and traditional door designs to choose from, our composite front doors are superbly engineered. Not only will they offer eye-catching style but the highest levels of security, thermal efficiency, strength, and rigidity. All have a 10-year manufacturing guarantee. Available in various designs and colour options, you are guaranteed to find the best option for your home.

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