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How to enhance kerb appeal with your front door | Exploring the minimalistic front door trend

Interior design offers a unique avenue for homeowners to craft their surroundings according to their tastes and preferences. It is easy to find inspiration for decorating the inside of your home – from popular social media lifestyle accounts to TV shows on improving the interior design of your home. However, if you really want to make a good first impression with your home, paying attention to exterior design and choosing a front door that is on-trend and high-quality is vital.

Designer Cecilia Neal, says; “People look at a front door before they look at anything else. Your front door reflects what you think about the house. A door can sell a property.” A survey by Dulux even revealed that people make a judgement about a person just 10 seconds after seeing their front door. So, what are some popular current trends for front doors, and what can you do to enhance kerb appeal with your entrance door?

Exploring exterior design trends in 2023 | What has changed over the years?

The recent years have seen a rise in simplicity and classic exterior design, and this has continuously taken the lead over brighter, more complicated home exteriors. Noticeably, the following trends have risen over the past couple of years:

Classic colours have remained a highly popular option

Despite the vast range of front door options available, classic colours such as black and white continue to be a leading option when it comes to front door colours. You can achieve a more modern, sleek aesthetic for your door by going for a simple, unfussy design, and choosing a high-quality, contemporary material such as aluminium.

Vufold’s survey also found that 30 percent of homeowners feel that simple yet timeless front door colours such as black and white are currently the most on-trend and sought-after.

“Which front door colour options have risen in popularity in 2023?”

Infographic showing Which front door colour options have risen in popularity in 2023

Vufold’s premium quality designer front door range

Vufolds premium quality designer door range

Our premium quality designer door range blends performance and beauty to deliver an elegant entrance to any home. Manufactured by expert craftsmen to provide a beautiful high security and high-performance solution for your home, our contemporary doors offer exceptional quality.

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Minimalistic, simple styles lead the way

Though it may be tempting to go overboard and add a complicated panel design and accessories – sometimes, less is more when it comes to a front door design. Simpler, minimalistic and ultra-modern front door designs are currently rising in popularity. If you want to make a statement while still enjoying a sleek, understated design, you may want to explore panel designs such as our Designer Door designs. These designs allow you to utilise natural light while making a unique style statement. When Vufold asked UK homeowners about their preferred front door aesthetic, over 45 percent of respondents answered that they prefer a “minimalistic and classic” door.

“What is your preferred front door aesthetic?”

Infographic showing What is your preferred front door aesthetic

What is your preferred front door aesthetic

Quality takes priority

Despite rising costs of living in recent years – it seems Brits are still prioritising quality over price when renovating the home. In fact, Vufold discovered that over 50 percent of British homeowners understand that it is important to use high-quality materials in exterior design to increase property value. When it comes to choosing a material for your front door, it is important to consider what impact the material may have on the value of your home and your door’s durability. Although options suuch as a uPVC door may often be cheaper, investing in more expensive yet sturdy materials such as aluminium and composite can be a much wiser option in the long run. Find out more about the benefits of aluminium front doors here.

So, how educated are homeowners when it comes to finding the most durable material for a front door? Vufold’s recent survey found that only 30 percent of UK homeowners are aware that aluminium is known for its strength and durability.

Infographic showing how to keep kerb appeal with an eye catching front door

Consider adding plants or flowers to brighten up the entrance to your home

Adding plants or flowers to the entrance of your home doesn’t mean you have to be overambitious with colours or go against your personal taste. If you prefer a more understated feel, opt for tall matte black planters to complement a contemporary or minimalist style home. Alternatively, choose a warmly coloured ceramic planter that will add personality to the space.

Garden planter outside a front door

Invest in a porch or archway for a subtle, classic entrance

Using a porch or archway to create a unique, eye-catching entrance to your home is a classic yet underrated way to ensure your home makes a great first impression. When we asked homeowners what features they have around their exterior door to ensure the entrance to their home is eye-catching, 25 percent of Brits answered that they have a canopy or porch area by their front door.

Are you choosing a new front door design? Read our complete guide to choosing a new front door here.

Vufold’s Signature Front Door range

Vufold’s Signature Front Door range

Offering style, security and great value, our signature aluminium front doors are designed for the modern family. Virtually maintenance free, thermally efficient, and available in a range of styles and designs to suit any home.

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Why is it important to choose a high-quality front door material and manufacturer?

Due to the unpredictable housing market in the UK, it is wise to consider future-proofing your home. Even if you are not actively considering selling your home – it is still helpful in the long run to consider the impact of your home improvements on the value of your home. The overall condition your home is in can also play a huge role in how people perceive your property at first glance, and putting some thought into the quality and appearance of your front door can help you to leave a sparkling first impression on a guest. According to Vufold’s recent survey, a third of Brits now notice the condition of a home, along with the style of the home, before other factors such as the garden space.

A high-quality aluminium front door with glass will offer excellent durability, security, a large range of design options, and more. Choosing a bespoke supplier means you are able to choose between a large selection of options, such as accessories, colour and door style.

It is also important to check the supplier’s accreditations and certifications when finding a new front door supplier. For example, do they have any quality certifications or environmental policies? At Vufold, all aluminium products are made predominantly from recycled aluminium, and all wood products are FSC Certified.

Read more about how front doors can help to increase property value here.

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Find out more about the different front door trends available by shopping our full range of front doors. Whether you’re looking for a bold colour or a more subtle style, you are guaranteed to find a door ideal for you.