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Vufold front door comparisons

David Ross Sales Manager

Author: David Ross - Sales Manager

Vufold front door Vufold front door

When looking for a new wooden front door or composite front door for the main entrance of your home, one important step in the research process is to compare different manufacturers so that you can find the right door system for your needs and taste.

This guide outlines how Vufold compares with alternative front door manufacturers in the UK across key features such as materials, finishes and delivery.

Vufold vs Wickes: Composite and wooden front doors

The wooden front doors range from Vufold has a number of similarities with composite and wooden front doors from Wickes, including oak and grey colour options, inwards and reversible opening directions and insurance-compliant door furniture.

There are, of course, plenty of differences between these two manufacturers as well. Wooden doors from Wickes, for example, are delivered within seven days whereas our Ultimate wooden doors are delivered to your home within three working days.

Each of these factors should be taken into consideration when you are looking for a new front door.

For more information about the similarities and differences between Vufold and Wickes composite and wooden front doors, read our expert guide.

Vufold vs Howdens: Wooden front doors

One of the biggest differences between Vufold and Howdens wooden front doors is the material used to construct the doors. Vufold Ultimate doors are made from cross-laminated hardwood foam (CLPF) core, five-layer cross-grained hardwood sheet and hardwood veneer. Doors from Howdens, on the other hand, use construction hardwood or oak veneer.

Howdens doors are also provided unfinished. While this means you can paint, stain or varnish the doors as you like, this does involve extra time, money and effort, and the final appearance may not match what you imagined. Vufold doors are fully factory-finished using a microporous wood coating system.

Our comparative guide to wooden front doors from Vufold and Howdens explains these factors and other key differences in more detail.

Vufold vs Homebase: Composite and wooden front doors

Front doors from Homebase are either an unfinished engineered wood with a hardwood, redwood or oak veneer, or timber composite with GRP coating in a selection of colours including black, white and grey.

In comparison, Vufold’s 5-star rated Ultimate wooden front doors are fully factory-finished and use more durable and resilient materials that have improved thermal efficiency.

For a more detailed discussion about the differences between Vufold and Homebase front doors as well as some additional factors to consider when choosing a front door, read this expert guide.

Vufold vs Anglian: Composite and wooden front doors

There are a number of differences between Vufold and Anglian front doors. These include the door size ranges (Vufold offer three standard sizes whereas Anglian doors are made to measure) and the available finishes (Vufold Ultimate doors are fully factory-finished in anthracite grey or natural oak, whereas there are over 200 wooden and 30 composite colour options available for Anglian front doors).

Additional factors to note are that Vufold’s pricing is more transparent as quotes for Anglian doors are given upon home evaluation, and also that Anglian’s delivery service/timeframe depends on the custom door. An Ultimate door from Vufold will be delivered to your home within three working days.

There are several other key differences between the front doors from Vufold and Anglian, which you can learn more about in this comparative guide.

Vufold vs Everest: Composite and wooden front doors

Similarly to Anglian, Everest offers made to measure composite and wooden front doors, with prices and delivery times available upon consultation.

Everest wooden doors feature triple glazing units and their composite doors use double or triple glazing; these are available in a range of styles including decorative. Vufold Ultimate front doors, by comparison, use 21mm argon-filled double glazing units with low-E toughened safety glass.

Other key differences between Vufold and Everest include available door materials, finishes and guarantees. Our brand comparison guide explains these in more detail.

Vufold vs Solidor: Composite front doors

The uPVC outer skin of Solidor composite front doors is available in 23 colour options, and customers can also opt for one colour on the outside of the door and another on the inside. They also have a selection of different glass options to choose from, including decorative, textured and frosted.

In comparison, Vufold front doors are available in two timeless colours of anthracite grey and natural oak and come with 21mm argon-filled double glazing. Solidor only provides delivery estimates for their doors upon enquiry, but an Ultimate front door from Vufold will be delivered to your home by our two-man delivery system within three working days.

Our Vufold and Solidor comparison guide covers these purchasing considerations and other important factors such as core materials and door construction, door furniture and security.

Vufold vs Aspire Doors: Wooden front doors

There are some similarities between Vufold and Aspire wooden front doors, such as the size ranges and the ability to trim the doors. However, unlike Aspire, a Vufold Ultimate door is also available with a sidelight to extend the aperture and we also offer a bespoke service.

The materials used to construct Vufold and Aspire front doors are very different, as are the guarantees offered upon purchase. These details, as well as additional factors such as thermal efficiency and ironmongery, should be taken into consideration when choosing a new front door for your home.

We explain these in more detail in our guide, Vufold vs Aspire Doors: Comparing wooden front doors.

David Ross - Sales Manager


David Ross - Sales Manager

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