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External aluminium bifold door guarantees – a complete brand comparison

Offering slim sightlines, low maintenance material and excellent lifespan – aluminium bifold doors are a great addition to the home. Available in a range of colours and styles, you can find the perfect aluminium bifold for any style of property. However, it is important to also consider product guarantee when looking for a new bifold door. You can ensure you find the best product guarantee by comparing different bifold doors in the market.

Here, we provide a full brand comparison of the guarantee offered by popular bifold door brands.

Why is it important to choose a brand that offers excellent guarantee s?

Choosing a bifold door brand that offers long guarantee on their products can provide you with the peace of mind trust that you will receive an excellent customer service experience. This is particularly important when it comes to buying products such as patio doors, which can be treated as a long-term investment. Good product guarantee is also a good indication of the company’s confidence in the quality of their bifold doors.

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What guarantee does Vufold offer for aluminium bifold doors?

Aluminium doesn’t corrode and therefore Vufold is able to offer longer product guarantees than we can on our oak / hardwood doors. If the doors are not situated close to the sea (see product specification sheets for details), you can enjoy 15 years peace of mind. This guarantee is higher than the guarantee offered by many other popular bifold door brands. You can visit our product guarantee page to find out more about the guarantee we offer for our doors.

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A brand comparison: aluminium bifold door guarantee

Vufold vs Everest

While Everest aluminium bifold doors are available in an impressive range of colours, including white, charcoal grey, battleship grey, black, and brown – their aluminium bifold doors are available with a 10-year warranty . Although this is a similar offering to many brands – it is significantly lower than Vufold’s 15-year guarantee offering. Everest bifold doors are available with a multipoint locking system and are available in a large range of sizes. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the doors are only available with double glazing .

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The status range offers excellent performance at affordable prices. The aluminium material and narrow sightlines offer a stylish look for any summer house.

The Status range utilises a sealed outer frame that helps stop debris from falling into the main track. This stops any blockages and ensures smooth operation.


Secure multi-point locking system

Energy efficiency and weather tested

Bottom rolling

15-year guarantee.

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Vufold vs ATT

ATT bifold doors are available in a range of colours, including white, grey, or a dual finish of grey and white. With bespoke options available, you are very likely to find your perfect size and style. When it comes to guarantee, however – Vufold take the lead here with a 15-year guarantee, whereas ATT bifold doors offer a 10-year guarantee.

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Vufold vs Aspire

Available in a competitive price range and a standard multi-locking system, Aspire bifold doors offer excellent security and value. Like Vufold bifold doors, they also include PAS 24 locks, compliant with Part Q regulations. However, Aspire offer a guarantee of 10 years on their aluminium products, subject to correct installation, meaning Vufold taking the lead when it comes to product guarantee.

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Vufold vs Vibrantdoors

Both Vufold and Vibrantdoors offer a wide variety of standard sizes when it comes to choosing an external bifold door. With glazing options of laminated security double glazing and low-E toughened double glazing, Vibrantdoors offer reliable and energy efficient aluminium bifold doors. Available in standard sizes only, Vibrantdoors don’t offer the bespoke service that Vufold provides. With slim frames and a standard colour range, Vibrantdoors’ external aluminium bifold doors come with a guarantee of 10 years.

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Vufold vs Climadoor

Climadoor’s aluminium bifold doors are available in a multipoint locking system and come in a range of different finishes. With colour options of grey and white, the colours available for Climadoor bifold doors are fairly limited. Climadoor’s product guarantee for aluminium doors is 10 years, with only a 2-year guarantee option for some wooden doors.

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Vufold vs Just Doors UK

Both Vufold and Just Doors UK offer aluminium bifolds with slim sightlines and a multipoint locking system. Just Doors UK’s aluminium bifold doors can also be customised. A key difference between Vufold and Just Doors UK is the thermal efficiency of the doors, with Vufold bifold doors providing U-values as low as 1.1 W/m2K , while the lowest U-value Just Doors UK can offer is 1.8 W/m2K. When it comes to guarantee, Vufold again takes the lead with a guarantee of 15 years, whereas Just Doors UK bifold doors come with a guarantee of 10 years.

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A summary: aluminium bifold door brand guarantee comparison







Just Doors UK


External aluminium bifold door guarantee

15 years

10 years

10 years, subject to correct installation

10 years

10 years

10-year profile guarantee

10 years

Did you know:

The extended life span of Aluminium bifold doors can also help boost your property value. Experts estimate this to be in the region of 5-10%. Any initial cost difference therefore against UPVC is likely to be returned via your home’s valuation.

What makes aluminium bifold doors reliable and durable?

Powder coated finish

Powder coated finish

Powder coated surfaces are deemed more resistant to damage that can occur both naturally via the elements or from accidental damage that may show scuffs and scratches on other finish types. Powder coating colours stay vibrant for longer and generally will avoid the weathered look for longer.

At Vufold, our aluminium bifolding doors are available in a range of standard colours, all powder coated to provide an incredible, hard-wearing finish that should last (subject to location) around 20-25 years:

  • Hippca White (RAL 9910)
  • Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
  • Jet Black (RAL 9005)
  • Dual Colour Anthracite Grey/White (RAL 7016/9910).
  • Bespoke colours available on request.

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Aluminium is moisture resistant

Aluminium reflects a huge amount of light and heat and is moisture resistant. This makes it a reliable option for homeowners worried about the impact of heat in terms of warping, or recoating or maintaining the paint or stain.

UPVC, on the other hand, expands 2.5 times more than aluminium, meaning that at certain times of the year, UPVC doors can temporarily possibly stick.

It will not need consistent maintenance

Our aluminium bifolds come with a guarantee 50% longer than even our best pre-factory finished oak and hardwood doors. Aluminium only requires occasional maintenance, and you are guaranteed that it will not rot or corrode.

Aluminium provides maximum security

Choosing aluminium can be great way to add a modern aesthetic to your home while having peace of mind that your door is secure and reliable. Buying an aluminium bifold patio door can even increase the value of your home and serve as a long-term investment, as they offer impressive strength and reliability. Vufold’s aluminium bifold doors are available in a range of security and safety features.

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What is your priority when looking for a new bifold door?

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