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Vufold vs ATT Fabrications external aluminium bifold doors | Comparing cost, guarantee, delivery and more

Aluminium bifold doors can help to bring the outside in, and can add a fresh, modern touch to any home. Finding the right aluminium door for your home can ensure you have a secure, stylish entrance to your home that utilises natural light.

When choosing a new aluminium bifold door, there are several considerations to be made, such as the material, sightlines (slimmer sightlines offer more glass, which means more natural light and better views) as well as heat efficiency and security. However, when looking for a new bifold door, you will come across various high-quality brands. Two popular bifold door suppliers are Vufold and ATT Fabrications. Both offer top-quality bifold doors; however, differ when it comes to certain factors. This guide compares both brands, exploring important considerations so you can make the right choice for you.

Vufold vs ATT aluminium bifold doors: a quick summary guide





10 years

15 years


From £2049 to £3499.

Supreme Bifold Doors from £1989.

Status Bifold Doors from £2509.

Urban Status Bifold Doors from £3119.

Types of glazing

Double glazing.

Triple or double glazing.

Colours available

Black, white, gold, chrome, silver, dual colours (black and white).

Anthracite grey, hipca white, jet black, dual colours (grey outside/white inside).

Delivery time

3-6 weeks

3-4 weeks, with Supreme Express bifold doors available in 3 days.

Bespoke available?



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Vufold vs ATT: Comparing product guarantee





10 years

15 years


10 years

10 years


1 year

10 year


1 year

10 year

Visit our product guarantee page to find out more.

Why is product guarantee important?

Choosing a brand that offers long guarantee can ensure you are provided with peace of mind that you can use the door as a long-term investment. Bifold doors can be a great asset to your home for years to come, and it is worth investing in a high-quality bifold door supplier to ensure you are provided with the best customer service experience possible. Excellent product guarantee also reflects the brand’s trust in the quality of their own product, providing you with further confidence in the brand.

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Are you looking for a bifold door with excellent product guarantee?

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Supreme aluminium bifold doors

15 Year guarantee

Colours - Grey, white or black

Integrated, weather rated low threshold & cill

Energy rating C

Double glazing

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The key similarities between Vufold and ATT

Some of the similarities between both brands include:

Available in a range of standard sizes

Both Vufold and ATT bifold doors are available in a large range of sizes, including bespoke options. However, ATT aluminium bifold doors are available from 1790mm x 2090mm to 5990mm x 2090mm. However, these options are standard listed sizes, and ATT Fabrications also have bespoke options available. Vufold aluminium bifold doors, on the other hand, can suit openings from 1800mm x 2100mm to 6000mm x 2100mm .

Range of colours and finishes

Vufold aluminium bifold doors are available in Jet Black, Anthracite Grey and White, with dual colours of Grey and White also available. ATT aluminium bifold doors are also available in Anthracite Grey and Black and White, with Black and White available as a dual colour option.

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RAL colour chart

Bespoke options

Vufold offers a bespoke service to suit any taste or size requests. Bespoke external aluminium bifolds can be manufactured to most size s and specifications. View our full range of aluminium external bifold doors here. Like Vufold, ATT also offers a bespoke service for aluminium bifold doors. Read more about our bespoke service for aluminium bifold doors.

Secure multipoint locks can be fitted

Both brands offer multipoint locking systems for bifold doors, which can help provide you with peace of mind that your doors are safe and secure. Find out more about Vufold bifold door hardware options here.




FROM £2,509.00


The Status is our most popular aluminium bifold door set, and it’s no mystery as to why. Not only are they fantastic value for such beautifully engineered bifolds, but they’re available in a host of configurable options and feature a low threshold and slim sight lines to give you more light and a better view. In a hurry, our Supreme Express bifold doors are available on just a 3-day delivery time.

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The key differences between Vufold and ATT


Unlike ATT, Vufold also offers perfect fit blinds to ensure privacy and shade if required. Without perfect fit blinds, it may be difficult to find blinds that will perfectly suit your bifolds. You will likely have to get the blinds custom made, which will inevitably cost more. Shop our full range of external bifold door blinds here.

Delivery times

While ATT offer high-quality bifold doors, there are many advantages to those offered by Vufold that make them the superior choice. Though many of Vufold’s aluminium bifold doors are available on a 3-4 week lead time, Vufold’s Supreme Express bifold door range is available on a 3-day delivery time.

You can browse the full range of aluminium bifold doors here.


A key difference between both brands is that Vufold offers an impressive 15-year guarantee on aluminium bifold doors. This provides you with more peace of mind and reassurance. ATT, on the other hand, offers a 10-year guarantee for aluminium doors.

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