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External bifold door handles: types and what to look for

You’ve chosen the finish for your bifold door, researched the U-values and decided on the ideal configuration for your new doors so you’re almost ready to go. There is one last detail to consider and that’s the type of handle you’ll have on your beautiful new door.

Choosing a door handle for external bifolds is just like choosing hardware for any other external door but, there are a few important factors to consider first.

We have compiled a round-up of everything to consider when looking for an external bifold door handle.

What to look for in an external bifold door handle

external bifold

Here are the key factors you should consider when choosing a handle for your external bifold door:


Security is a key concern, not just for the door handle but for your doors overall. You need to be sure the handle you choose includes space for a lock. It’s also important to consider the type of lock the handle is designed for. We recommend a multipoint Vectis type locking system for maximum security.


As with any other aspect of your bifold doors, door handles are available in a range of price points and, if you are choosing a replacement handle, it might be tempting to save a few pounds by opting for a lower-priced option. We recommend choosing the very best you can afford.

Your door handle will be used as often as you leave or enter your home, so it needs to be durable. It is also something that will stand out, especially if it is noticeably lower quality than your elegant Vufold doors.


This may seem like a small factor but, choosing the right finish for your bifold door handle will make a huge difference. If you have chosen a sleek, white finish for your doors, you may want to match this with your handle. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more traditional style, a brushed graphite handle may complement your overall style. These small details can have an impact on the overall look and finish of your bifold doors.

What types of lock should be used with external bifold door handles?

The other consideration when choosing bifold door handles is the type of lock you choose.

There are three types of lock typically used on a bifold patio door:

Multipoint locking

All Vufold doors use a multipoint locking system, simply because we are confident that it is the best option available to you. A multipoint lock system is key operated, locks into the door frame and is embedded into the body of the door. Multiple bolts engage the door frame at between three and five points. They can be fitted to composite, wooden or aluminium doors.

Pros of multipoint locking

  • More locking points mean forcing the door is difficult
  • It’s a single-cylinder system, so it is easy to change the cylinder if required
  • Can be keyed alike, eliminating the need for multiple master keys

Cons of multipoint locking

  • Operating the lock can take a little time to get used to, it is important to be sure of the double locking mechanism

Euro cylinder locking

This type of lock is very common and is found on many uPVC and composite doors.

Pros of euro cylinder locking

  • Easy to upgrade if you would like a higher level of security
  • Can be keyed alike, so few master keys are needed
  • Easy to operate

Cons of euro cylinder locking

  • Vulnerable to bumping and snapping – it is imperative that these locks are fitted to the SS312 diamond approved standard to reduce the risk of break ins

Mortice lock

You will find three or five lever mortice locks on timber doors. They are locked from the inside and the outside and are embedded into the door, rather than being on the surface. They frequently require a second night latch to meet security standards.

Pros of mortice locks

  • Can be keyed alike, reducing the number of master keys required.

Cons of mortice locks

  • Unless the mortice lock conforms to BS3621, you run the risk of the lock only being tested by the manufacturer
  • It may not be tested under intruder methods

Positioning Bifold door handles

One of the most common questions we’re asked is about the positioning of bifold door handles but, this is only something that needs to be considered when installing bifolds for cupboards and pantries.

While most bifold door suppliers will include space for a handle, Vufold goes a little further. All of our doors are pre-machined and drilled for the tubular mortice latch we supply, as well as any optional handles. Doing this reduces the risk of any errors in fitting and saves you significant time and effort.

Best types of bifold door handle

Vufold supplies one type of Bifold door handle in three colours:

White handle pair

pair of white door handles

This handle set fits our Master range of doors. The plate size is 243mm x 32mm, has our classic white finish, and is reversible. It uses a Vectis type multipoint locking system for superior security and costs £20.99.

Polished Chrome handle pair

pair of polished chrome door handles

These handsome polished chrome handles can be used on all of our bifold or French doors, except the Status or Supreme ranges. They are reversible and have a plate size of 243mm x 32mm. They cost £20.99 and use the Vectis multipoint locking system.

Brushed graphite handle pair

pair of graphite door handles

A subtle alternative to our chrome and white options, these brushed graphite handles can be used on all of our French or bifold doors, with the exception of the Status and Supreme ranges. They are fully reversible and use a Vectis multipoint locking system. The plate size is 243mm x 32mm and the cost is £35.99.

What to do if your door does not remain closed

Seasonal changes, along with general wear and tear may mean that your bifold door needs occasional adjustment and, while it may be alarming if your door does not remain closed, it does not always mean that the handle is broken.

As a result of frequent usage, your door may shift and move and could require adjustment in order to function properly again. This is completely normal.

Vufold’s range of bifold doors have been manufactured to be easy to adjust to make sure your doors operate properly and effectively to minimise damage. You can find out more about adjusting your bifold doors in the maintenance section of our website.

At Vufold, our team of experts is always available to provide you with advice and guidance on everything to do with our range of bifold doors, hardware and accessories. Please contact us to find out more information or to discuss your needs.

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