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Exploring the bold and sustainable front door trend | What can we expect from 2024?

John Collins - Managing Director

Author: John Collins - Managing Director

Recent years have seen homeowners demonstrate a deeper connection to living spaces. Home design trends are embracing a mix of materials, colours, and textures. For example, the utility room is becoming a focal point for design experimentation with more colour and pattern. The front door has now also become a canvas for personal expression, with calming pastel tones making an inviting first impression.

So, how much care do we put into the appearance of a home’s entryway?

Despite rising prices having a significant impact on peoples’ spending priorities - Vufold’s recent research found that 50 percent of UK homeowners feel it is important to pay attention to the appearance of their home’s entryway. This highlights a collective understanding of the importance of first impressions – when a guest visits your home, the first thing they may notice is your home’s entryway. This area sets the stage for the rest of the home, offering a unique opportunity to make a statement. The choice to experiment with different styles for our exterior doors creates a memorable entrance. Interior designer Caroline Campbell states “The worst colour for a front door has to be no colour at all. The front door is one of the most important aspects of your home. So why not stand out from the crowd?"

“Do you currently pay much attention to the look of your home's entryway?”

infogrophic asking “Do you currently pay much attention to the look of your home's entryway?”

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You can find out more about choosing a new exterior door colour here.

What home design trends can we expect to see emerge in 2024?

A rise in pastels and calming blues

Recent research has shown that homeowners have lent towards minimalistic and classic front door options in research years. But could we see a rise in the use of brighter, bolder colours? Vufold’s recent research found that 20 percent of UK homeowners began to experiment with brighter shades in the home during the beginning of 2024. The move towards bolder shades within the home represents a significant shift in the UK's design sensibilities. The specific popularity of blue for exterior doors highlights the balance homeowners are seeking between boldness and tranquillity.

Blue front doors not only enhance curb appeal but also serve as a soothing welcome, making them a favoured choice among homeowners looking to create a modern door style.

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Vufold front door in Blue

The turn towards more expressive colours in home design, especially at the entryway, is deeply rooted in the psychology of colour. By choosing pastel tones or bold shades for their front doors, homeowners may evoke feelings of calm and stability. Interior design psychology expert, Niki Schafer, explains why we are drawn to colours such as blue during stressful times. Niki states, “Greens and blues are very calming colours as they literally soothe us and (very marginally) lower our blood pressure”.

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Vufold asked UK homeowners to choose which front door design was the most eye-catching from the three design options below. The third door design took the lead, with over 40 percent of homeowners admitting the striking blue front door stood out most to them:

Are you looking for the perfect composite front door for your home? Read our full guide to choosing a composite front door colour.

If you decide to go for a blue front door – consider the different shades available. Lighter blues can be a positive and subtle way to brighten up a home. Using a vibrant blue, however, means it may be more effective to keep the rest of the house understated and neutral. Darker, almost-grey blues fit any architectural style and can accentuate tones used in a lot of different types of stone.

A growing consciousness about sustainability

As homeowners embrace more vibrant colours and unique designs for their front doors, there's also a growing consciousness about sustainability in home design choices in the UK. A conscious consumer considers the wider environmental, ethical, political, and social impact of their purchases. Examples of conscious consumerism include choosing reusable packaging, buying fair trade produce, choosing quality and longevity over a low budget, and avoiding fast fashion or similar trends. When it comes to choosing materials for the home, this is increasingly influenced by considering environmental impact, with a rising preference for eco-friendly, sustainable options, such as aluminium front doors. In 2024, we are likely to see increasing popularity of the use of materials in the home that are renewable, recycled, or have a low environmental impact. Other trends may include the use of recycled metal or glass in the home, sustainably sourced wood, and low-VOC paints and finishes.

This consideration extends to the durability of materials, reflecting a desire for choices that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting and strong. You can view our full aluminium front door range here.

Read our guide to choosing a front door design here.

Are you looking for advice on choosing the right front door for your home? Visit our front doors research and advice to find out more.

Very Neat American House With Gorgeous Outdoor Landscape

Home design websites and magazines take the lead when it comes to finding inspiration

We have recently seen a significant shift towards digital blogs and design inspiration websites when it comes to finding home inspiration. Vufold’s latest research found that 25 percent of homeowners prefer online home design websites and magazines for home inspiration as opposed to social media or TV shows. The trend of visiting online design websites highlights the growing reliance on reputable online spaces that offer a wealth of resources and inspiration. Websites such as Vogue stand at the forefront of this movement, providing access to a diverse range of design aesthetics, from cutting-edge contemporary exteriors to eye-catching front door designs.

Are you looking for front door design inspiration? Visit our front doors advice centre to find out more.

“Where do you find inspiration for renovating your home?”

Infographic asking Where do you find inspiration for renovating your home

Incorporating glass for increased natural light

Incorporating glass into front doors is a rising front door trend for creating a modern aesthetic. This design choice adds modernity to the exterior and brings natural light into the home, enhancing both the appearance and functionality of the entryway. The rise of incorporating glass in the door, such as through choosing a door with side panels, represents a sophisticated blend of form and function. This design approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of homes but also leverages the practical advantages of natural light and visual connectivity with the outdoors.

By allowing sunlight to stream into the entryway, these doors can transform previously dim or artificially lit spaces into bright, welcoming environments. Natural light is known for its ability to improve mood, increase energy levels, and reduce the reliance on artificial lighting during the day. Glazed front doors are synonymous with contemporary design, offering a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that can complement or refresh the exterior of any home.

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The rise of bold and conscious expression in the home

As we look towards the future, the trend of personalisation and bold expression in home design, particularly through the choice of front door colours, is set to continue. Modern inspiration, sustainability, and individual expression points towards a more vibrant and conscious approach to home design.

With 20 percent of homeowners embracing calming and brighter shades such as blue and green (Vufold, 2024), we can expect a movement towards more personalised and expressive home exteriors. The popularity of blue as an eye-catching colour for front doors supports a desire for homes that reflect the individuality and values of their owners.

The trend towards individuality in home decor is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating spaces that are not only visually appealing but also ethically aligned with the homeowner's personal values regarding sustainability and environmental impact. This shift highlights a growing societal focus on environmental awareness and personal expression in home design.

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Shop our Signature aluminium front door range.

Why choose Vufold?

For those considering a front door update, Vufold offers an array of benefits as well as allowing you to make a striking first impression. Vufold front doors blend design and functionality, with options that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your ideal home. Offering a range of various glass panel options, you are able to find a door that utilises natural light and creates a style statement.

Vufold offers thermally efficient and high-quality door materials, providing designs that range from modern to traditional. This ensures your entrance not only fits in with current door trends but is also energy-efficient and secure.

At Vufold, it is also very important to us that we do our absolute best to protect the environment where possible. Here are just a few ways in which we strive to protect this planet in our business every day:

  • All wood products are FSC Certified.

  • Timber waste is minimised during production.

  • Aluminium products are made predominantly from recycled aluminium.

  • Our packaging is minimised, and we recycle as much as possible.

  • Where we are able, we use electric vehicles to help reduce carbon emissions.

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