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Bifold door sizes: which size do you need?

Richard Collins Operations Director

Author: Richard Collins - Operations Director

The size of the bifold door can have an effect on the type of material your bifold door is made from. This size is dictated by the available space you have to fit your bifold door. It’s important to carefully measure before purchasing a bifold, to reduce mistakes.

This guide takes you through the steps to measure correctly for fit as well as offering advice on standard sizes and best materials.

What are the standard sizes for bifold doors in the UK?

UK bifold doors are generally available in standard sizes. Both internal and external bifold doors have their own standard sizes. Luckily, there are sizing conventions for doors in the UK, which makes choosing a door easier for you when matching them to an aperture.

For UK bifold doors, the average standard height is 2078mm (6.8 ft) for internal bifolds and 2090mm (6.10ft) for externals. The width, varies and this is what determines how many door panels you can have. There are differences between the standard sizes for internal and external bifold doors, as detailed below.

The standard sizes of internal bifold doors

The panels of internal bifold doors usually vary in width from 550mm to 900mm and you can choose between having a higher number of smaller panels or fewer larger panels to fit the aperture. Here are the standard internal bifold door sizes available:

Metres Feet (approx) Millimetres
1.2 4 1,200
1.5 5 1,500
1.8 6 1,800
2.1 7 2,100
2.4 8 2,400
2.7 9 2,700
3.0 10 3,000
3.6 12 3,600

The standard sizes of external bifold doors

External bifold doors are only slightly taller than internal ones, being 2,090 or 2,100mm in general. Like internal bifold doors, the width varies greatly. Here are the standard external door sizes available:

Metres Feet (approx) Millimetres
1.8 6 1,800
2.1 7 2,100
2.4 8 2,400
2.7 9 2,700
3.0 10 3,000
3.6 12 3,600
4.0 13 4,000
4.2 14 4,200
4.8 16 4,800
5.0 16.5 5,000
6.0 20 6,000

What is the best material for large openings?

The best material for large openings is Aluminium, it can support a much greater load than other materials whilst keeping thin sightlines for stunning views.

Vufold aluminium doors can fit in openings from anywhere from 1.8m to 6m!

You can even purchase larger aluminium doors via Vufold’s bespoke service.

What about other materials?

There are two other common materials for bifold doors :

  • Timber
  • UPVC

Timber: While not as strong as aluminium, it is still an excellent choice for external doors if you are looking for small / medium sized openings. You will find timber bifold doors ranging from 1.8m - 4.8m.

uPVC: uPVC is the weakest of the materials and often used is small, low price, low quality bifold doors. If you are looking to fit a bifold wider than 2 metres, you should look to invest in a better material.

How to measure for a bifold door

As previously mentioned, you need to be accurate when measuring for a bifold door — be sure to measure the space twice to double check . Incorrect measurements not only make it difficult to fit the door, but they affect its security and energy efficiency, even if you are only out by a few millimetres.

When replacing an existing door

When replacing an existing bifold door, you can use the previous measurements. However, we recommend remeasuring to ensure the perfect fit. It’s best to remove the old door and the frame first before you begin your measurements.

With a new opening

Follow these steps to measure the space correctly:

  • Make three separate measurements for the width — at the top, the middle and the bottom
  • Make three separate measurements for the height — on the right, in the centre and on the left
  • Subtract 10mm from the smallest measurements — to allow for the fitting tolerance

You can also measure to ascertain if the opening is square — starting from one corner at the top and measuring down to the diagonal corner at the bottom. Then do the same for the other corner. If the opening is square the measurements should be +/- 2mm of each other.

Custom bifold door sizes

The standard door sizes available may not necessarily suit your needs. If the fitting tolerance exceeds 10/15mm or if you want taller or wider apertures for example, you should consider a custom size. Most modern houses are built to certain specifications so a standard door size will fit, but if you have an older property or a unique layout, you will need a custom size.

Benefits of custom bifold doors

While a custom-made door is more expensive, there are several benefits:

  • You will have a unique bifold door that has an impressive visual appeal
  • The design can be specifically tailored to meet your preferences
  • A perfect fit, no matter the size

The lead time will be longer but you’ll have a bifolding door that fits perfectly and makes a striking visual impact in your home.

Vufold offers a bespoke service, so if you need a made-to-measure bifold door, simply use the contact page, call (01625 442899) or email with your specifications.

Richard Collins Operations Director


Richard Collins - Operations Director

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