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How to choose the best type of aluminium front door for your home | Style options explained

John Collins - Managing Director

Author: John Collins - Managing Director

Aluminium front doors come in a diverse range of designs and styles. From sleek and minimalist profiles to bold statement pieces, you can choose finishes, colours, and patterns that align with your personal preferences. Choosing the perfect front door can help to make a striking first impression to guests.

Find out more about the choosing the best type of aluminium front door style for your home.

What are some popular styles of aluminium front doors?

When it comes to choosing your ideal design, you will have to choose between a sleeker, modern option or a more traditional design. Vufold's modern aluminium front doors boast sleek minimalistic designs, aligning with contemporary architectural trends. The understated detailing contributes to a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic. For example, our Designer front door range offers contemporary panels that can make a modern statement. Read our guide to modern aluminium front doors here.

For a more traditional design, you may want to look for busier designs in bolder colours, such as more complicated panel options and decorative elements. More traditional options also include less glazing and are designed in colours such as pastel shades, as seen below:


Popular aluminium front door colours

Black is a classic choice of colour for aluminium front doors. Despite the huge range of options available in the market – the timeless colour only seems to rise in demand as the years go on. In a recent survey conducted by Vufold, it was discovered that simpler, minimalistic and ultra-modern front door designs with classic colours are currently increasing in popularity. When Vufold asked UK homeowners about their preferred front door aesthetic, over 45 percent of respondents answered that they prefer a “minimalistic and classic” door. Like options such as grey and white, black also goes well with most colour schemes, so you won’t have to adapt your interior décor to fit it around your front door. A black front door can create a dramatic, bold effect when paired with contrasting colours such as white. Read our guide to choosing black aluminium front doors.

At Vufold, we offer classic dual colour options of black and white, and white and grey. If you are looking for something bolder, we also offer colours such as Cotswold Green and Cobalt Blue. Additionally, we also offer customised aluminium front door colours on request.

For more design tips, you can read our design tips on styling your home’s entrance here.

Shop our full range of aluminium front doors here to find out more about our options.

Vufold designer front door

Should you choose an aluminium front door with side panels?

Front doors with side panels are a great option if you are looking for increased natural light and a wider panoramic view. You may choose side panels to fill a larger gap in your home than a single front door or to bring more natural light into your home. Extra wide front doors have emerged as a top trend in recent years and side panels offer the perfect way to create the illusion of more space both inside and outside your home. Choosing front doors with side panels also allows you to ensure a striking, bolder first impression to guests.

Glazed front doors with glass side panels can also provide excellent thermal insulation and low U-values when high-quality glass is used, such as double or triple glazing with low-emissivity coatings. When you choose a reputable supplier such as Vufold, aluminium front doors can be customised to meet your needs, so you can choose the right glazing option for you.

Read our guide to choosing aluminium front doors with side panels here.



Our premium quality aluminium entrance doors provide the ideal blend of security, style, and performance. The range includes designs to suit all types of homes. Available made to measure or in standard sizes – these doors will create the perfect entrance to your home.

Vufolds Signiture Range front door - inside view
  • Extensive 10-year manufacturing guarantee.
  • Multi point locking system, 3-star security cylinder and laminated glass as standard.
  • Double glazed.
  • High-density foam core and polyamide thermal breaks.

View our Signature aluminium front door range.

Choosing aluminium front door glazing

The type of glass you choose affects everything from light transmission and insulation to privacy and security. Popular types of glazing include clear glazing, frosted glazing, tinted glazing, laminated safety glazing, and double or triple glazing.

Clear glass provides the maximum amount of natural light while offering an unobstructed view, while frosted glazing features frosted or patterned designs that obscure the view through the door while still allowing light to pass through. If you are looking for an option that allows privacy however still utilises natural light, frosted glazing may be ideal. Tinted glazing, on the other hand, makes it difficult to see inside the house during the day, reducing glare and regulating temperature by reducing heat transmission.

Laminated safety glass consists of two layers of glass with a plastic interlayer. This feature makes it shatter-resistant, improving security by preventing intruders from easily breaking through. It also blocks harmful UV rays, protecting your interior furnishings.

When it comes to thermal efficiency concerns, we recommend choosing either double or triple glazing. Read our full guide to choosing aluminium front door glazing here.

Vufold’s aluminium front doors

Make a stunning first impression with our aluminium composite front doors. Our doors are available in ultra-modern and traditional designs to complement all styles of home. Offering U-values from 1.2W/m2K, a 10-year manufacturing guarantee and exceptional security, you can benefit from a combination of an eye-catching design as well as practicality. Visit our aluminium front door range to find out more.

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