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Vufold vs Climadoor: internal bifolds

Internal bifold doors can be an excellent way to utilise space, increase natural brightness, reduce heating costs, and increase the value of your property. Homeowners have several suppliers to choose from when shopping for a set of bifold doors, and plenty of configurations, designs, and finishes to ensure that the doors they receive are exactly right for their space.Vufold and Climadoor are two popular choices when it comes to internal bifold doors. In this guide, we will look at some of the similarities – and crucially, the differences – between Vufold and Climadoors products.

In this guide

Internal bifold doors by Vufold and Climadoor: a summary

An at-a-glance table that showcases the main features to look for in a bifold door and how Vufold and Climadoor compare.

Main similarities

A list of the main similarities between Vufold and Climadoor internal bfiolds.

Main differences 

An explanation of the crucial differences between both brands that can help dictate your decision.

Internal bifold doors by Vufold and Climadoor: a summary

Feature Vufold Climadoor
Material Oak veneers, hardwood and flaxboard Oak veneer, MDF, chipboard and softwood
Size Range 1.2m - 3.8m 1.2m - 3.8m
Blinds Perfect fit blinds offered as optional extra N/A
Available finishes Unfinished oak/solid white Unfinished oak/solid white/primed
Door operation Top hung Top hung
Cutting required?
  • Yes
  • Frame head may need to be cut to size
Installation bag included?
  • Yes
  • Contains all necessary fittings and drill bits required for installation
Price range £789 - £1849 £499 - £1399
  • 3 days
  • Door delivery
  • 3 - 5 days
  • kerbside delivery
Guarantee 15-year guarantee 10-year guarantee
Bespoke service offered?
  • Yes
  • Bifold doors can be created to your specifications

The main similarities between Vufold and Climadoor internal bifold doors

The products offered by Vufold and Climadoor share some similarities. Both companies offer a wide range of quality doors suitable for a variety of different interior spaces and home decors.

Some of the key similarities include:

  • Materials – both Vufold and Climadoor offer timber. Vufold use oak veneer, hardwood and flaxboard which are all less likely to warp while also being sustainable. Climadoor use oak veneer, chipboard and softwood which can damage more easily and is less stable than other materials.
  • Glass – both brands offer frosted or clear glass depending on your tastes.
  • Sizes – Vufold and Climadoor offer standard UK sizes from 1.2 to 3.8m. However, sizes outside of this range can be offered by Vufold via the bespoke service page.
  • Top hung systems – for easy operation, less maintenance and a sturdy door. Top hung systems offer the choice of having no base track at all so does not disrupt the existing flooring.
  • Delivery time – both offer a relatively fast delivery time, with Vufold assuring 3-day delivery while Clima offers 3 – 5 days.

What are the main differences between Vufold and Clima internal bifold doors?

While both Vufold and Climadoor products share some similarities, there are some crucial differences in both features and services offered that distinguish these two companies. These differences can make a real difference to your bifold door experience and should be carefully considered.


Vufold set themselves apart from Climadoor (who do not offer blinds) by offering perfect fit blinds as an optional extra with their doors. These blinds are specifically designed to fit with Vufold door ranges and allow an extra level of control over lighting and privacy. You can find our full range of perfect fit internal bifold blinds by clicking here.


Vufold offers a three day delivery while Climadoor aims for 3 – 5 days. The main difference is that Vufold offers a delivery to the room where you will be fitting the door for easier installation. Climadoor only offers kerbside delivery, meaning they will simply leave the door on the kerb.


There are three main reasons Vufold beats Climadoors when it comes to installation, these include:

  • Installation bag included
  • Ready-to-assemble design
  • Installation tools can be easily sourced

Vufold doors come with a handy installation bag as standard. The installation bag contains all of the fixings drill bits required, as well as the Allen keys necessary to adjust their doors. All that is needed to complete the installation are some basic household tools, such as a screwdriver, drill, and spirit level.Climadoor does not, at present, include a similar package with their doors. While the bifold doors offered by Clima can be installed without cutting the frame head, unlike Vufold, this is not guaranteed. It is more likely that a bifold supplied by Climadoor will require professional installation and take longer to fit.

Ready-to-assemble doors

Vufold doors are all sold in a “ready to assemble” state, meaning they are supplied as a complete package. This ensures dozens of benefits for installation, including:

  • Everything you need is pre-machined and ready to assemble (inc. hardware, hinges, tracks and more)
  • High-quality products that have been rigorously tested
  • All drill bits and fittings and included in the installation bag (see above)
  • No specialist tools required
  • No hidden costs
  • No delays on sourcing equipment or hardware

Combined with the installation bag and easy-to-understand instructions mean a capable DIY-er can easily install a Vufold door without the help of professional installation services. Find out more about ready-to-fit doors by visiting our guide – ready-to-assemble doors: the DIY bifolds for self-installation.

Installation tools required

Vufold Standard bifold
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Drill
  • Allen keys
  • Screwdrivers
  • Drills
  • Spirit levels
  • Hacksaw
  • Chisel
  • Router
  • Rubber mallet
  • Pencil


Climadoor offers a blanket ten-year guarantee against the occurrence of manufacturing faults across all of their doors, both interior and exterior.

Vufold offers up to 15 years guarantee for both internal and external bifold doors. This length of guarantee is hard to find anywhere else.

Bespoke service

Only Vufold offer a fully bespoke service to complement their ready-to-buy products. Vufold’s bespoke service allows customers to select exactly the size door they need, along with many other custom design choices. Bespoke bifolds can be commissioned as part of a renovation or a new house build. You can find out more about Vufold’s bespoke bifold service by clicking here to visit the information page.


Both Climadoor and Vufold offer high quality internal bifold doors. Installing a product from either of these companies would be an excellent way to increase the functionality and looks of any interior space. However, comparing the two companies side-by-side, Vufold would appear to hold the greater appeal. More optional extras, an easier installation process that can be accomplished without professional input, a longer guarantee, and the option of a bespoke service set Vufold apart from other suppliers in the market.

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