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How to choose traditional internal bifold doors | Options and what to consider

John Collins - Managing Director

Author: John Collins - Managing Director

When it comes to improving the functionality of your interior space, traditional internal bifold doors offer a timeless option. These doors make a striking and eye-catching addition to any property. Internal doors with glass panels, such as Vufold’s internal door sets, also help to brighten up your home and divide a space without compromising on natural light. According to Vufold’s recent research, 77 percent of UK homeowners don’t go outside during their lunch breaks or coffee breaks, making utilising natural light in the home even more important.

What are traditional internal bifold doors?

Traditional internal bi folding doors (also known as concertina doors or internal folding doors) are a great way to introduce more light and space into an interior space. Traditional styles often incorporate woods such as oak with natural finishes and glass panels, whereas more modern designs often feature materials such as aluminium and steel. Black or white primed internal door designs also provide a modern feel to a space. You will also find more of a classic design in traditional internal bifolds, as opposed to the Georgian divider bars often found in modern and industrial internal bifold door designs.

Our Inspire oak internal bifold doors are a great example of traditional style internal bifold doors, and can be used no matter the interior or style of your property:

Vufold Inspire oak internal bifold doors.

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Key features to consider when choosing a traditional internal bifold door

Traditional bifold doors are commonly crafted from hardwood such as oak or softwood such as pine. When selecting doors, it is crucial to consider the type and quality of wood, as this affects both the appearance and durability. Vufold’s internal bifold doors, for example, are constructed from high-quality, engineered wood that offers excellent durability and reliability. At Vufold, we also offer a 15-year guarantee on all interior bifold doors. Find out more about our door guarantees.

Are you looking for the perfect oak internal door? You can shop our complete oak internal door range here.

Finish and aesthetics

The finish of the door can significantly influence the look of a room. Traditional internal doors often feature natural wood finishes that highlight the grain, contributing to a warm, inviting interior. Varnishes and stains can also be applied to match existing furniture or architectural details.

What glazing options are available?

Many traditional bifold doors include glass panels, helping to make a room appear larger. These can vary from clear to frosted or even stained glass, depending on privacy needs and style preferences. Glazed panels allow for natural light transfer between rooms and can result in a bright, open space in your home.

Find out more about the glazing options for bifold doors here.

What hardware and fitting options are available?

The hardware, including hinges, tracks, and handles, should complement the traditional style while ensuring smooth operation. Brass or antique finishes on hardware can accentuate the traditional look.

Are you looking for an industrial style internal bifold door? Read our guide to choosing industrial internal bifolds here.

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Vufold traditional Finesse internal bifold doors

Our Finesse range brings slimline bifold doors to enhance your living space with elegance. With a high-quality top hung adjustable roller system for fingertip operation and the slimmest sightlines, it's a perfect combination of style and practicality. The doors are supplied with neatly external grade draught excluders to reduce heat loss and aid soundproofing.

The doors are engineered with a slim sightline and combined with clear toughened safety glass to maximise the light between rooms.

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Vufold’s range of internal bifold doors have been manufactured to be easy to adjust to make sure your doors operate properly and effectively to minimise damage. Offering 15-year guarantees and a huge range of door furniture and hardware – you can enjoy the best-quality internal bifold doors in the market. Our internal bifold doors are also available in both clear glass and frosted glass. You can find out more about our internal bifold doors here.

At Vufold, our team of experts is always available to provide you with advice and guidance on everything to do with our range of internal bifold doors, hardware, and accessories.

Please contact us to find out more technical information or to discuss your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Are traditional internal bifold doors suitable for all home styles?

While ideally suited to period homes or properties with classic decor, traditional internal bifold doors can also be integrated into more modern settings as a contrasting feature. Their timeless design ensures they blend seamlessly with various home styles.

How do I maintain wooden bifold doors?

Maintenance typically involves regular cleaning of the glass and wooden elements with appropriate cleaning agents. The tracks should be kept free of debris to ensure smooth operation, and periodic checks on hardware tightness and alignment are recommended. The finish on the door should be maintained or re-coated as often as you would do on any other internal wooden door.

How do I choose the right size and configuration for my space?

Measurements are critical when selecting internal bifold doors. Consider not only the size of the opening but also how much space is available for the doors to fold without obstruction. Vufold offers a range of sizes and configurations, including options for different numbers of folds, to accommodate various spatial requirements.

What types of wood are commonly used for traditional internal bifold doors?

Common types of wood used for traditional internal bifold doors include:

  • Oak: Known for its strength and attractive grain, an oak internal door is a popular choice for its durability and classic look. View our oak internal bifold doors here.

  • Pine: A more affordable option, pine is lighter and easier to work with, though it may be less durable than harder woods.

  • Walnut: This wood provides a dark, elegant finish that is highly sought after for upscale interiors.

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