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Made To Measure Internal Bifold Doors

Our made to measure internal bifold door room dividers are a popular way to give rooms more space, flexibility and natural light.

Vufold have an extensive range of bespoke internal bifold door designs, available in a range of custom colours and glazing styles.

All made to measure internal bifold doors come as ready-to-assemble sets with every component prepared in our factory so they’re easier to put together.

Find out more about ready-to-assemble sets.

Made to measure images
Access door open Fully open Edge access door open White access door open

What are the bespoke internal bifold door sizes?

Vufold made to measure Internal bifold doors can be made in any width from 1.2 to 4.8 metres and heights between 1.95 to 2.3 metres.

Range Min Width Max Width Min Height Max Height
Inspire 1190mm 2790mm 1950mm 2190mm
Finesse 1790mm 4800mm 1950mm 2390mm
Edge 1790mm 4800mm 1950mm 2390mm

What door configurations are available for made to measure internal bifolds?

All Vufold bespoke internal bifold door sets incorporate a traffic door that can be used without having to open all the doors.

Edge internal bifold doorEdge internal bifold door

Traffic door on the left

Access door openAccess door open

Traffic door on the right

Inspire traffic door openInspire traffic door open

Traffic door in the centre

Depending on the overall width of the opening, door sets can have between two and six doors.

Doors can fold either to the left or right, or both, depending on the configuration.

2 door inspire2 door inspire

2 Door Inspire

3 Door finesse in white3 Door finesse in white

3 door white Finesse

4 door edge closed4 door edge closed

4 door Edge

5 door finesse with frosted glass5 door finesse with frosted glass

5 door oak Finesse

6 door white custom finesse6 door white custom finesse

6 door white Finesse

What are the colour options for bespoke internal bifold doors?

Vufold Internal bifold doors are available in a selection of different finishes.

  • Prefinished Oak
  • White
  • Custom
  • Unfinished Oak - Ideal if you wish to paint, stain or varnish 
    the doors to match current interior design.

What glazing and blind options can I choose?

All of our made to measure Internal bifold doors are single glazed with toughened safety glass and available with the following options:

  • Clear Glass - maximise natural light transfer between your rooms.
  • Frosted Glass - If you need a bit more privacy when the doors are closed, such as for a home office.
  • Blinds - Ultimate flexibility: can be quickly opened and closed depending on your needs.

Clear glassClear glass

Clear glass

Frosted glassFrosted glass

Frosted glass

Fitted blindFitted blind

Fitted blind

How many different ranges are there to choose from?

Vufold offers three different ranges of made to measure Internal bifold doors, details of which can be found below.

We also stock a number of standard sizes that can be delivered in three days. Details of these can be found on our Internal bifold doors page.


Its easy to see why this is our most popular bespoke Internal bifold door set!

With their unique design and high quality stainless steel hardware, Inspire doors can be folded right back against your wall, maximising the opening – and for an even greater open plan feel they can be fitted without a threshold, so flooring runs seamlessly through both rooms.

Available in two to four doors covering width from 1.2 to 2.7 metres.

2 door white2 door white

2 door white

3 door oak3 door oak

3 door oak

4 door white4 door white

4 door white


Elegant and effortless to use, Finesse made to measure internal folding doors have a high quality top hung adjustable roller system for fingertip operation. The doors are engineered for the slimmest sightlines available, and combined with toughened safety glass maximise the light between rooms. Available in three to six doors covering widths from 1.8 to 4.8 metres, with selected configurations without a bottom track.

3 door oak3 door oak

3 door oak

4 door white4 door white

4 door white

5 door oak5 door oak

5 door oak


Edge room divider door sets add a fantastic contemporary look to any home, thanks to their stylish four-light ‘crittall’ style design. Premium quality top hung hardware and roller system give super-smooth opening. Selected configurations available without a bottom track. Available in three to six doors covering widths from 1.8 to 4.8 metres.

3 door with track3 door with track

3 door with track

3 door trackless3 door trackless

3 door trackless

4 door with track4 door with track

4 door with track