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  • Leslie Swallow

    Vufold door review by Leslie Swallow

    Review of Elite External Bifolding Doors 7ft Pre Finished Oak Set

    Very good
  • Ian Wykes

    Inspire 2.4m (approx 8ft) Oak Internal Bi-fold Doors

    Stunning, stunning, stunning!!!

    Stunning, stunning, stunning!!! We are so pleased with the effect that Vufold Inspire has had on our home that we would like to send a personal "thank you" to the designers and manufacturers of this beautiful product.

    The craftsman that fitted our Inspire doors commented, without solicitation, on the superb quality of both the build and the fittings of the doors.
  • Timothy Findlay

    Elite 4.8m (approx 16ft) Bifold Doors

    Excellent value for money

    Very good and excellent value for money.
  • Jyotsna Patel

    Finesse 1.8m (approx 6ft) White Internal Bifold Doors - With bottom track

    A good quality door with all fittings including correct drill bits

    A good quality door with all fittings including correct drill bits.The paint could have been thicker.The instructions should be more precise i.e. showing right and left openings and markings on the frames and doors so as not to get mixed up while putting it together.there are not many similar products on the market, so difficult to compare prices. Overall good value.
  • David Jewkes

    Finesse 2.1m (approx 7ft) Oak Internal Bifold Doors - With bottom track

    The product surpassed my expectations

    The tri fold door is an excellently product, well manufactured to very tight tolerances which makes installation a lot easier. The finish of the wood was also to a very high standard. The fitting instructions were very comprehensive and easy to follow. The labelling of parts was exceptionally good making the installation very easy. Quality control of all parts was to a very high standard. The product surpassed my expectations. Fitting the doors yourself may be quite daunting, however having now fitted one, I would recommend to anyone with a little DIY skills to fit them themselves. I also visited the showroom which is very good and enables one to see what the finished product should look like! Very pleased with my new Doors, thank you.
  • Justin McGinn

    Master Grey 2.7m (approx 9ft) Bifold Doors

    More than happy with the build quality

    More than happy with the build quality, finish, ease of installation and operation. These are fantastic value and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for bifolds as they are by far the best I've found.
  • Jeffrey Vigars

    Finesse 1.8m (approx 6ft) Oak Internal Bifold Doors - With bottom track

    Excellent product

    Excellent product. Instructions not as clear as they could have been in some areas. e.g. some parts were labelled with one name and the instructions called them something else. A little confusing but not insurmountable. They look great and we are very pleased with them. Would definitely recommend them.
  • Darren Hutchinson

    Elite 3m (approx 10ft) Bifold Doors

    Review of Elite External Bifolding Doors 10ft Pre Finished Oak Set

    Great service from order to delivery and I installed them on my own on Saturday, only the one gripe from me and that is that you go to all the trouble of machining everything so it really is a case of fitting the hinges etc onto the doors and you are ready to go, but for the life of me I don't understand why you don't machine out the keyhole on the door handle, set up on the access door, not nice putting a 22mm spade bit through the doors for the keyhole to fit when the door handle is only 25mm wide, unless my preparation got missed at the factory?

    Regards Darren

    Thank you for your kind comments relating to the service you received and for your feedback regarding the installation. You are correct, we do not machine for the keyhole in the face of the access door because the Vufold Elite door set you purchased is reversible for left or right opening and the doors are reversed by turning them upside down. If we pre-machined the key hole in our factory, this would eliminate the reversibility of the door set. Everything else is pre-machined to make installation easier. Thank you again for your feedback.

  • Howard Leberman

    Finesse 2.1m (approx 7ft) Oak Internal Bifold Doors - With bottom track

    Absolutely solid - really good

    The way the doors hang from a top frame-inserted rolling mechanism is absolutely solid - really good. Even though the doors hang above the floor, they are very stable, so very pleased.
  • Nicola Kemp

    Ultra 2.7m (approx 9ft) White Aluminium & Oak - Double Glazed

    We definitely made the right choice

    You definitely get what you pay for with these doors, the quality is excellent, they are easy to open and look fantastic both inside and out. We definitely made the right choice when comparing these doors to other similar products.