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  • Mr & Mrs Wright

    Vufold door review by Mr & Mrs Wright

    Would recommend the product to anyone interested.

    Following a visit to the Grand Designs show in Birmingham last autumn we placed an order for a folding 3 door system. Upon receipt of the order I set about staining the doors in the garage and then just before Christmas the doors were fitted by a local builders. This included chipping away 50mm of block each side of the aperture, fitting the doors and finishing off the surround, all complete in one day! Now we are warm as toast in the lounge at night and have full flexibility for room space as we require.

    So just to say we are very pleased with the result all round including the price and would recommend the product to anyone interested.
  • M Kent

    Elite 4.8m (approx 16ft) Bifold Doors

    Excellent diy product

    16 foot of diy madness, not! The staff once ordered the door were brilliant. Door arrived on the day we agreed. Checked all was present with the order even the driver helped. My only complaint but my fault is I never ordered pre-finished.

    So out with the brushes, this took me on my own 24 hrs of 3, 8 hours days to achieve the 3 coats. The aperture was made to the size as per the manual only to find the frame was 10mm larger than the manual. Easy fix was to open the aperture a little. You are told not to cut the frame, the amount of workmanship that has gone into building the frame it would be a shame to mark it in anyway. I had three people help me position and hold the frame. The drill bits to go through the metal work could do with being more substantial or more supplied as I used 4 bits.

    Once the frame was installed the doors were almost easy enough for my 15 year old lad to install. Setting the positioning of the doors was easy. Once the seals were installed, made the doors wind proof.

    I have spoken with a lot of window/door companies and got many a tale of Bi-Folding doors and if I had listened to them I would still have a big gaping hole in my self-build extension. I am now looking to fit an alarm system to the doors but cannot find one that is small or can be hidden so as not to spoil the look of the doors. All in all an excellent diy product, I have installed a handful of door frames and window frames, so not a professional by any means.
  • C Bacon

    Master White 2.4m (approx 8ft) Bifold Doors

    I have now fitted 3 sets of these doors and can't really find a bad word to say about them.

    I think the product is very good value for money. I have now fitted 3 sets of these doors and can't really find a bad word to say about them. I am disappointed however that you have referred to me as Ben in your review request and asked me to comment on the wrong product?

    I think you generally provide a very good service which will become excellent if you communicate properly with your customers. All that said, I WILL purchase from you again.

    Reply from Vufold: Sorry for the mix up on the communication and this has been addressed with our marketing department. We really do appreciate your kind comments regarding our products and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

  • T Felstead

    Elite 1.8m (approx 6ft) Bifold Doors

    Great quality door and fittings all for a superb price.

    Great quality door and fittings all for a superb price. The trifold door set-up has allowed us to utilise much more of our patio.

    The only things I would change is a better finish on the sliding locks to match the out other fittings and the spindle linking the internal and external handles is slightly too long so the outside handle doesn't sit quite flush with the door face. Relatively straightforward to install also.

    Reply from Vufold: Thank you for your kind comments, we will investigate the spindle further and arrange for our customer service department to send a replacement spindle for you.

  • D Page

    Elite 1.8m (approx 6ft) Bifold Doors

    The finished article looks absolutely superb and everyone who comes thinks the same.

    Purchased a pre-finished set with a flush cill to go between our (new) conservatory and our dining room. Needed an external quality door as there was no energy performance certificate on the conservatory and additionally it's north-facing so wanted the best we could get in terms of thermal performance.

    Ordering process was straightforward, delivery prompt and efficient. As an advanced DiY-er I found little difficulty in installing the doors; the instructions were explicit and easy to follow. Took about a day-and-a half to complete but wouldn't recommend DiY installation to a beginner. There were just three snags. The first my problem in converting the existing oversized opening to the same size as the door and providing a suitably strong lintel on which to hang the doors. The second was that the screws to assemble the frame were very very tight in the pre-drilled holes and it was necessary to do some easing. the third was that I couldn't get the espagnolette catches and lock to engage properly and I'm afraid Vufold weren't terribly helpful in solving the problem. . .I still have the problem thought it's just a niggle as the doors are internal.

    The finished article looks absolutely superb and everyone who comes thinks the same. We can make some good stuff in this country still - well done Vufold. Would I buy again? - certainly.
  • J Tarrant

    Elite 2.4m (approx 8ft) Bifold Doors

    The doors are good quality.

    The doors are good quality but quite difficult to work out how to fit. Once you get the hang of it it is fine. We have the flush cill version to go between house & conservatory. The draught proofing on door bottom on this type isn't great, just screw on 'brush draft strips' like you can buy in DIY stores. Be aware of this if buying this version.

    Reply from Vufold: Thank you for your review, the brush strips are optional should you feel you need the additional draught proofing. As the top of the cill is completely flush the only way of attaching a seal is to the face or under edge of the doors with this type of brush. We will continue to search for a solution that is more pleasing in terms of appearance.

  • A Davies

    Elite 3.6m (approx 12ft) Bifold Doors

    By far the best wooden doors we looked at.

    Great build, great quality and by far the best wooden doors we looked at. We chose these doors due to their very slim frames which provides a much greater area of glass.

    Nice touches include the magnetic holders for the folding doors. Would highly recommend. The only thing I could think of adding would be a brace for the single opening door.
  • J Dunne

    Elite 2.4m (approx 8ft) Bifold Doors

    The doors win on both price and quality.

    Installed these doors June 2010. The tradesmen who installed the doors were impressed both with the product quality and ease of fitting.

    Having been through one of the worst winters on record, the doors' insulating qualities met the challenge. The doors win on both price and quality and I am a very happy customer.
  • R Hill

    Elite 2.4m (approx 8ft) Bifold Doors

    Doors and frame were a treat to fit.

    Doors and frame were a treat to fit, and work excellent.
  • J Frost

    Master White 1.8m (approx 6ft) Bifold Doors

    The customer service following a small problem was brilliant.

    The product met our high expectation and the customer service following a small problem was brilliant. We highly recommend this supplier.