Vufold’s range of Rooflights and Roof Lanterns makes us the real one-stop shop for matching Bifold doors, French doors, Sliding doors and windows - now you really don’t need to go anywhere else when you are planning your ideal home.

Designed to match our aluminium ranges of bi-fold doors and windows, our Rooflights and Roof Lanterns come with all the high-level specifications, superb quality and elegant design that customers expect from Vufold.

Our contemporary Rooflights and Roof Lanterns sit perfectly on your flat roof to provide a real feature inside your modern home in a way like no other product can on the market.

Manufactured in the UK, Vufold’s Rooflight and Roof Lantern frames are constructed from thermally broken aluminium for superior energy efficiency and are finished in the following powder coated colours:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Grey & White, with white on the inside
  • Black & White, with white on the inside

Obviously, we want to give you a choice of glass options as well, so customers can choose from the following:

  • Clear Low E coated
  • Low Maintenance Solar Control Neutral (clear)
  • Low Maintenance Solar Control Blue (tinted)

Rooflights come in a range of three standard sizes and are available to order direct from the website. click here to visit the Rooflight category.


Roof Lanterns are available in five standard sizes.

  • 1m x 1.5m roof lantern
    1m x 1.5m Roof Lantern
  • 1m x 2m roof lantern
    1m x 2m Roof Lantern
  • 1.5m x 2m roof lantern
    1.5m x 2m Roof Lantern
  • 1.5m x 2.5m roof lantern
    1.5m x 2.5m Roof Lantern
  • 1.5m x 3m roof lantern
    1.5m x 3m Roof Lantern


Bespoke Service

But we don’t stop there! Vufold offers customers a bespoke service with our Rooflights and Roof Lanterns. Not everyone is the same and you may have a unique size in mind. Our bespoke service means that you can order any sized Rooflight not exceeding a maximum dimension of 2.5m length and 1.4m width and any Roof Lantern with a maximum dimension of 4m length and 2.5m width. In addition, bespoke Rooflights and Roof Lanterns are available in any RAL colour you desire – inside and out.

We have a variety of Double Glazed products available all achieving a glass U value of 1.0 W/m2K and an overall U value ( frame and glass) of 1.3 W/m2K. Concerned about heat loss? No problem! Our Solar Reflective Glass is specifically designed to stop heat escaping out during the winter months and stop heat penetrating in during the summer.

Competitively priced, Vufold’s Rooflights start at £869.00 including VAT and Roof Lanterns start at £1359 including VAT. Bespoke prices are available on request.

Please allow 14 days for delivery from confirmation of your order being placed — bespoke orders may take a little longer.

So call us, email us or use our Live Chat function to find out more about your Vufold Rooflight – and let the sun shine in on your home.