General information

Vufold employees will treat all our customers with respect and courtesy, handling all queries with a friendly and professional approach, and we only ask the same in return.  

Vufold operates a strict zero-tolerance approach for unacceptable behaviour, including unreasonable and repetitive demands from customers.  

Whilst we understand it can be a stressful time during a project, causing frustration and anger, our staff members are expected to carry out their work without feeling harassed, abused or under any threat. This can be in the form of any communication including email, written letters, telephone, online chat, social media or in person.  

Unacceptable behaviour

It will be at Vufold's individual staff members discretion should they choose to categorise their treatment falls under our zero-tolerance policy, of which such treatment is totally unacceptable.

Examples of unacceptable behaviour are, including but not limited to: 

Physical or verbal abuse 
Aggressive, violent, or threatening behaviour 
Inappropriate, derogatory, or defamatory remarks 
Any form of discrimination 
Requests for private and confidential company information 
High volumes of any form of communication from an individual 
Unrealistic timescales for responses and / or resolutions
Refusal to supply additional information / evidence 
Unreasonable requests or demands outside of the original terms of sale / purchase 
Refusal to accept reasonable explanations or resolutions  
Not following the company complaints procedure 

All Vufold staff members reserve the right to refuse to have any form of communication with customers who have not adhered to our zero-tolerance policy for unacceptable behaviour.

help and advice 

If you do need any further help or advice relating to our company policy and procedures, please visit our terms and conditions, about Vufold, and complaints policy and procedure webpages, or contact us; we’d be delighted to help.

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