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  • Peter Norton

    Vufold door review by Peter Norton

    Well made and look fantastic

    Well made and look fantastic. Very pleased.
  • Gemma Collins

    Elite 2.4m (approx 8ft) Bifold Doors

    I love love love these doors

    I love love love these doors, I have a single glaze sliding door in my kitchen and these doors in my conservatory. Well made and look great, my joiner said they were easy to install and came with all parts needed to do the job.
  • Stephen Orchard

    Inspire 2.4m (approx 8ft) Oak Internal Bi-fold Doors

    Inspire Room Divider Doors are a Good well made product

    Good well made product. Would be even better if some minor finishing details were addressed. eg Lower metal hinge block/fitting would look even better if a simple cap were produced to cover the utilitarian appearance.
  • Michael Butler

    Finesse 2.4m (approx 8ft) Oak Internal Bifold Doors - Trackless

    Excellent quality. Looks great

    Excellent quality. Looks great. Easy to fit with comprehensive instructions.
  • Richard McGeagh

    Inspire 2.4m (approx 8ft) Oak Internal Bi-fold Doors

    Inspire Room Divider Doors Look Great

    Good quality doors and solid fittings. Look great when fitted.
  • Robert Ellis

    Elite 2.4m (approx 8ft) Bifold Doors

    Every thing you need

    Every thing you need is supplied and with two people it is straight forward to fit, it would be very difficult on your own.
  • Nicola Bushnell

    Edge 3m (approx 10ft) Oak Internal Bifold Doors - With bottom track

    These doors are fabulous!

    These doors are fabulous! Well made, solid and easy to install.
  • Matthew Woods

    Inspire 2.4m (approx 8ft) Oak Internal Bi-fold Doors

    Overall the Inspire doors look great

    Overall the doors look great, they were relatively easy to install and adjust. However there were a few issues that detract from the overall happiness with the doors. Whilst varnishing the doors one discovered scratches and compression dents where the doors must have been clamped whilst being machined. These were not visible in their raw form but once varnish was applied they became noticeable. The doors do not adjust down to the floor, resulting in a gap at the bottom. This brings one to ask how difficult it would be to machine a groove in the bottom of each door section and supply 4 short lengths of draft excluder similar to the length supplied for the head section of the frame. The recommended use of the drop bolt on door 3 adds stability that much is granted but another drop bolt at the bottom of door 1 would make more sense. As door 2 is the predominantly used door I have found that it causes flexing in door 1. Machining another recess and supplying an extra drop bolt for door 1 would, in my eyes eliminate this annoying issue. These issues are my personal opinion how to make a great product fantastic. Overall, used as a room divider the doors make a central addition to our home and have met many compliments.

    Thank you for submitting your review it is good to hear how pleased you are with the overall look and ease of fitting of the doors. We would like to look into the scratches and compression dents you mention and if you have not already done so please contact our customer services team on 01625 442 899 and an adviser will investigate this for you. There must be a gap at the bottom of the doors to allow for different types of flooring that could be used, it is essential to allow for a smooth operation. The bottom hinges are designed to be adjusted to reduce the size of the gap to a minimum. As the doors are designed to be an internal room divider we did not feel a bottom seal would offer any benefit however we will pass your feedback to our design department. With regards to the supply of an extra drop bolt, we have tried to minimise the amount of hardware used on the doors for appearance purposes without compromising the stability and ease of operation. If you feel an additional drop bolt would be of benefit to you we can happily supply you one. Thank you again for your valued feedback and we are pleased to hear you have received many compliments on your Vufold doors.

  • Brenda Francis

    Master White 2.7m (approx 9ft) Bifold Doors

    A sleek and attractive door

    A sleek and attractive door and the style is right for our space. We knew our gap was wider than the door and having fully sunken the cil we ended up with approx 40mm gap above the door and 20mm packing either side where we used heavy duty bolts to fasten a piece of 4 x 4 timber either side of the door. We thus have been unable to secure the door to the top lintel as recommended and hope the side fastenings will be adequate. We plan to use insulating foam and architrave to obtain a neat and draught free finish. A made to measure door and an expert fitter would have been better in our case.
  • Steven Mitchell

    Ultra 3m (approx 10ft) White Aluminium & Oak - Triple Glazed

    Beautifully made Ultra External Bifold Doors

    Beautifully made ,solid and attractive doors