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French Doors

from £649

All our French doors perfectly complement our external folding sliding door ranges and windows of the same name.

Construction - timber, oak, aluminium and alu-clad (aluminium on the outside, oak on the inside).
Guarantee - 10 or 15 years no quible.
Glazing - double or triple depending on door range.
Energy Efficiency - U Value from 1.7 W/m2K to as low as 1.0 W/m2K.
Security - multi-point locking system meets PAS24 requirements.
CE marked - compliant with required performance characteristics.

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    4. White 13
    5. White/Oak 3
  3. Glazing
    1. Double 22
    2. Triple 16
  4. Choose Width
    1. 1.2m 4ft 10
    2. 1.5m 5ft 14
    3. 1.8m 6ft 14
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  1. View the Master range
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    from £649

    Hardwood veneer construction with factory-applied white or grey finish, designed to compliment the Master external bifold doors. These French doors are available in 3 days.
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  2. View the Elite range
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    from £1,139

    Pre-finished real oak veneer construction, designed to complement the Elite external bifold doors. These French doors can be delivered in 3 days.
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  3. View the Status range
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    from £1,569

    Aluminium thermally efficient French doors in fashionable grey or elegant white, designed and manufactured in the UK to meet changeable weather conditions. They come in either double or triple glazing, with excellent security and they are guaranteed for 15 years.
    Double Or
    Triple Glazed
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  4. View the Supreme range
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    from £2,189

    All thermally efficient premium aluminium French doors in either contemporary grey or pristine white, designed for UK weather conditions. Guaranteed for 15 years available in double or triple glazing with top-rated security.
    Double Or
    Triple Glazed
  5. View the Ultra range

    from £1,879

    These French doors are made from low maintenance aluminium cladding on the outside with engineered real oak on the inside, designed to compliment the Ultra bifold doors and windows. They are our most thermally efficient French doors and are available for delivery in 3 days.
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